She must knit….

I am so serious when I say that, she MUST knit or…well it’s not pretty. As you all know, last weekend I finished my shades of gray poncho and didn’t have the next project prepared, that’s ok right? WRONG!  From now on I will have the next project ready and set to go because….


That’s me at work without a project 😳 talking about cranky? Woo weee I am no fun to be with if I can’t click my knitting sticks! The issue was, work! I am blessed but it was taking up my knitting prep time! Lol! I needed to wind the yarn or start something with yarn that was wound already. Insert the 100% silk yarn from Risoni. It’s called The Loom and I picked it up during the Wool Walk here in NJ.  


So I decided I would do a basic shawl and realized I needed help figuring out how to make the tails longer. I wanted some wrap time with the ends and I wasn’t sure how often I should increase. I also needed to know if I should increase every row or every other row; on both sides or just one. I had questions, 🙋🏾


Thank Goodness for the knitting community. I asked for help and they ran to the rescue. The yarn has these areas where it’s thicker and that I adore, that gives it character in my opinion. 


I held the yarn double and used a US15 needle and I still need to block it. It is done and I think I could have made the body wider, but for my attempt at winging it, I think I did good.  The large needles gives it an appearance of lace without actually doing that. I will block it and take more pics to see if it gives me more real estate. 


What are you all working on today? 

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on



Shades of Gray

There is nothing more rewarding to me than completing a project. I love finishing and this project was no different. I had the fortune of visiting Do Ewe Knit? during the wool walk and they had an exclusive kit which happened to be a poncho. Now, if you didn’t know, now you do….I LOVE ponchos. The Easy Folded Poncho was my first and I have been hooked every since. The only thing that stopped me was the small needles, ya’ll know I am lazy. LOL! I am so very happy I decided to make this poncho. The pattern is called Footloose & Fancy Free Poncho by Brenda Castiel and the yarn is from Three Irish girls yarn in the Springvale DK in the color way Smoke in the water.



It took me 3 weeks to make and I enjoyed every minute. I almost didn’t do it because of the provisional cast on, but I pull on my big girl panties and did it anyway. The texture generated by slipped stitches really pushes this over the edge. I am truly pleased with the colors, I had to call it Shades of Gray, how could not. Do you see how the gradient just gently glides into the next hue? This yarn, listen this yarn here is 100% merino and it blocked like a dream. Although it is late June, it was chilly enough for me to wear it today. I was like a kid and I couldn’t seam it up fast enough. The mattress stitch is truly magical and I was feeling mighty proud of myself.


IMG_5865So you know I couldn’t wait to put it on and model it! LOL here you can see for your self IMG_5885



Knit on my fiber friends…knit on



More than simply knitting outside…..

Yesterday was World Wide knit in public day and I LOVED every second of it and here is why. To those that say “I knit in public all the time” you totally missed the benefit of this day. In a world where our cultural differences lead to violence and more often than not, death; the oneness of WWKIP renewed my faith in humanity.  The event was hosted by Knitty City in Bryant Park in the heart of NYC. The day was gorgeous and the yarn, well not only was it plentiful, it was also the string that tied us all together. When I tell you the warmth in my heart as I mingled with all walks of life was a  close competitor with the heat of the sun. When I tell you the hashtag #knitterunite has a totally new meaning to me now, listen here….when I say ALL walks of life..I mean it! Women, men, young, and old all with a singular creative soul. Everyone was creating, someway, somehow. We had knitters, crocheters, weavers, needle pointers (wait is that a word?) you get my point though. EVERYone was making something. Everyone was curious as to what you were making, everyone had a compliment to give, everyone was proud and boastful and it was ok!! This was the 10th anniversary of KIP day and over 56 countries participated with 882 events…AHMAZING!!!!

Check out some footage I captured, the day was an Awesome experience and I met some of the coolest folks.

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on



BIG STITCH Wearables: Adventures in Fat Fibers and Felts | the review

Hey fiber friends! I am so very sure I have told you how I adore The Bagsmith in previous posts; therefore, I know you will understand how excited I was to get a copy of the new book in the mail!!! Not only did I get the new book but also the materials to make the Chicago Poncho by Heather Dixon! Yahooooooooo!! Becca loves me back! lol! AND she sent my favorite color: ORANGE!!!

Ok let me calm down and talk about the book. I will start with the title Big Stitch Wearables: Adventures in Fat Fibers and Felts, well that whole FAT FiBER thing got me at the door! You all know , that although I have been clicking the smaller needles as of late, I am a FAT FIBER lover. I can not wait to put my poncho together. Ok Ok, the review…the book, which was edited and compiled by the lovely Becca Smith, includes 20 projects by 6 designers for only $21.00 bucks.  I am sure you will love all six designers and they are: Karen Clements, Heather Dixon, Julia Ramsey, Terri Rosenthal, Becca Smith and Susan Thompson. 

Now I have already made projects from Karen, Heather, Terri and Becca so only 2 out of 6 are new to me and I look forward to getting to know their design styles. As I did some research I absolutely know Ms Ramsey’s work..AHmazing!!  Adventures in Fat fibers is broken up into 3 categories; Scarves & Cowls, Caplets & Two Ponchos, A Cape and A Coat. You know I want to make them all right? The sounds that came from my sheer pleasure as I turned the pages, could have been mistaken as obscene. LOL I was/am really excited, no, like full on doing the happy dance excited!  These lovely items won’t take up too much time and will absolutely enhance your wardrobe as well as cause a scene. I imagine myself walking down the street in my poncho with Beyonce singing in the background. “World STOP! Carry on! hahahahahahaaaa!  As soon as I  start the Chicago Poncho and I will absolutely take you guys along for the ride. It will be short but pleasurable, I promise.


If you are a FAT FIBER lover, you need to add this to your collection.  Here is the Amazon link just in case you need to order ASAP :)

Stay tuned as I plan to start this as soon as I finish my current WIP that I am calling Shades of Gray

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on

Places you can knit|EVERYWHERE 

June is here which means shortly we can officially claim summertime AND spend as much time as possible outdoors.  Summer is when folks spend the most time with friends and family. It’s the time to have fun on the beach, in the parks or the backyard and by fun of course I mean knit!  Hahahahahahahaaaa I know you saw that coming. 

This weekend was full to the top for me and I had a blast. I went to a concert on Friday (knit while my girlfriend drove) Saturday after cooking class ( couldn’t knit in the kitchen 😐 but you can call me Chef GG)

I had a family gathering as my great Aunt was in town and I hadn’t seen her in a bit. We ate, we laughed, I knit 👀 what? 


Look y’all saw my favorite T-shirt and it’s says “if I’m sitting I’m knitting” and that is a FACT baby!  Honestly it’s such a conversation starter. I can’t tell you how many folks sat down next to me and either said they knit or wanted to learn. I heard stories of being taught by grandmothers long gone or the favorite camp counselor. The presence of yarn generated such warm memories. I even got questions about my circular needles, so yes I knit everywhere I go, don’t you? 

I am currently working on the footlooseandfancyfree poncho from Three Irish Girls. I grabbed the kit during the NJ Woolwalk from Do Ewe Knit? The kit comes with the DK weight yarn in four different shades, it graduates from darkest to lightest with some textured business in between 😋


Is there a place that you will NOT knit? Let’s discuss oh and Worldwide Knit in public day is June 13th and I will be in Bryant Park in NYC. Say hi if you will be out there

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on



Hashtag Makesomething..

I must knit, ALL THE TIME! I know you all can relate. Because I swear as soon as I finish a project it’s on to the next. I mean like immediately 😳 I went to hangout with my girlfriend and she has one of them fancy swifter/winder  things, so I got my yarn together for the next project.   

I have enough Nice & Knit left to make another Spring Fever. My Shelbey wants one but not as wide so I will start on that after my poncho. 

Remember this?  


I am making one in Black and Grey. I don’t have any handmade items in black or grey, so I am eager. It calls for a provisional cast on 👀 why does that intimidate me? That is why I opted for this headband. It was quick and it’s cute AND it didn’t have any techniques that make me pause



This Poncho was an exclusive design for Do Ewe Knit? For the NJ woolwalk and it will be my first time using yarn from Three Irish Girls. It’s DK weight and calls for a US6, I can do that.  The pattern is called Foot Loose and Fancy Free Poncho  by Brenda Castiel. As always I will keep you all updated on my progress.  I am anxious to see how that textured section is created.   

Knit on my fiber friends… Knit on