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Knit BIG: A list of my favorite FAT fibers

Ok I will confess…lazy is really a major factor in my love of #Fatfibers, but you already knew that right? I am so very sure I have proclaimed my position as the CEO of #teamlazy and I am sure I have given some of you positions as the VP and general manager! hahahahahahahahaaaa NO honestly, I simple love the instant gratification. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting down for a few hours and POW! Houston we have a FO (finished object)

Another thing I love with #Fatfibers is the dramatic presentation of the stitches, I mean don’t you? Wait did you say what is Fat Fiber GG? Well my friends I am referring to the weight of the yarn, bulky, super bulky and DAMN!! Yeah those yarns. Yarns that call for big ass needles like US50 and up, yea I said and up! There are some major needles out there. I know I introduced you to Go-Girl Knitting and her Giants so don’t act like that.

I woke up and realized it’s the last Saturday in August, which in my book means it’s FATFIBER time!!! So if you are looking for me I am in some yarn store squeezing the fat fibers…got it? GOOD!


So in no particular order I present to you a list of my favorite fat fibers

a sample of a few skiens I own
a sample of a few skiens I own
  1. The Bagsmith Big Stitch Merino Yarn Bumps – on the site it says “Our Big Stitch Merino Bumps are made of pure US 94% merino wool and 6% nylon and crafted in a small mill in Ohio.  Each bump contains 125 yards and is 40 oz.” I say holy cow!!  I have fell in love with these bumps at Stitches East a few years back in Connecticut. I don’t know what I love most the owner or the yarn. Shhh don’t tell her I think the bumps win. LOL honestly one of my favorite ponchos was made with this yarn. If you are a fat fiber lover, add this to your wish list. YOU MUST!
  2. Malabrigo Rasta – on the site they say “A lightly-fulled single-ply yarn of magnum proportions! “ and I say if you haven’t tried Rasta you haven’t lived, PERIOD! The colors, SMH, they are unique..I can pic RASTA out of a crowd ANYday!! I mean you know I know the owner right? You saw that Selfie we took..that’s my friend!
  3. Madelinetosh A S A P – they say “A.S.A.P is perfect for last minute accessories, and heavy sweaters you’ll complete with quick satisfaction.” I say get you some ASAP! The colors are heavenly, the stitch definition is to die for..I mean it’s Tosh for goodness sakes.
  4. The Plucky Knitter Snug – is a 70/20/10 blends of fiber sexiness. OMG this yarn is hard to obtain, but oh so worth it! I have a very little bit left and damn it I will make something out of it, watch me!
  5. Brown Sheep Burly Spun – lol on the site it says “At 132 yards in 8 ounces of yarn, this yarn is the “Fastest in the West.”  and they ain’t never lied! Another yarn I grab anytime I can, wait have you seen the huge shawl I made with this? LOL blame it on Stephen West
  6. Koigu Bulky – I had the honor of grabbing this baby at Vogue Knitting and I think it was just being released. Yea I used my workers badge to get in before the crowd and snag me a skien or two. What?
  7. Wool and the Gang Sexy Crazy Wool – I mean the name along says buy me NOW! Oh and if you haven’t gotten a package from WATG you have yet to live. Do it!
  8. Freia Handpaint Yarns – I was introduced to this marvelous company while attending the Stephen and Steven tour. Stevebe had a sample during the trunk show and yea I had to have it! AND Karen at Do Ewe Knit, my yarn pimp, yea she keeps it in stock for me!
  9. Araucania Azapa – one of my very first purchases from an actual yarn store. This yarn will always have a place in my heart, I miss Knitknack!
  10. Blue Moon Fibers De-vine – oh my when I first discovered Socks That Rock, of course I walked away’s not Fat right? WRONG..I stumbled over De-Vine and the rest is history!
  11. Cascade Yarns Baby Alpaca Chunky – I touched this yarn and said “wait what?” it is like the most unbelievably soft to the touch yarn ever!
  12. Cascade Yarns Magnum – I mean the name says Magnum don’t it!

I would be totally wrong if I didn’t mention some of my first loves. Like Lion Brand Thick & Quick, Cozy Wool from Michaels or my first fat fiber experience Luxary Yarns.  I mean this list could and should go on and on, but I will stop and let you all join in. I have to come back with my favorite indie dyers list, because well I am a yarnho!

Do you love the fat fibers? What are you favorites? Let’s discuss

Note: if you need examples of these yarns all worked up check out my page on RAVELRY or join me in Facebook

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on!


Comparing is a CONFIDENCE killer

Today’s post comes from a place I rarely share, so bare with me my friends.

Most days while working from home I often listen to motivational scopes on Periscope. Side note: if you are on Twitter and are NOT on Periscope I need you to get it together. Live streaming the latest “thing” and it is feeding my hungry soul. OK so back to today. I have my daily must see scopes and BTW, I don’t always catch them live but I will watch the replay. So my day ALWAYS starts with Dr Walter Sims and when I tell you he sets me ablaze with his daily affirmations. Then there is Mr David Gibson, I have spoken of him often…love his energy and he ALWAY drops a good word in my ear. Today he said “Success must be intentional” POW! right in my face like always! But neither of them prompted this blog post.

This post is all because of Tina Moore Brown, I met her virtually on Doc Sims daily scope so when I can catch her I do. The title pulled me in because I am guilty.  Comparison is good and bad, but for me it is mostly bad. Let me explain. I know you have read at least one post where I said I am a fairly new knitter and someone ALWAYS corrects me. GG has been knitting for close to 6 years now, what is new about that? That statement comes from me comparing myself to other “knitters”, folks I hold in high regard, you know that person you stalk on Ravelry? Yea..them! That comparing what I have made to that of someone else makes me question myself and when that happens I run, mentally, but run none the less.

I can honestly say I don’t blog as much because I look at other blogs and compare and find fault so I avoid. UGH I have to get better guys. If I don’t believe in me how can I expect anyone else to believe and/or follow me? My YouTube channel, same thing, I stopped doing video because so-n-so does better, or has more views, or has a better camera or is more attractive or blah, blah and the blah. Trust me I can fill in the blanks, because I can go on and on about what is not right, which in turn makes me avoid situations for fear of failure.

I won’t even talk about my ETSY shop..yup, comparing made me let that fall to the way side and for what? I really don’t have a good reason other than looking at others I just didn’t feel like I was doing as well or had enough folks liking my shop. UGH if only I could get out of my own head! I thank God for sending angels my way just when I need them. Yes I feel like Doc, David and Tina are all angels. The other angel happens to be family. My cousin Jackie, called wondering why nothing was in the shop because she needed a birthday gift  I didn’t have a good answer, so I got to work and guess what? I sold 7 items in less than 24 hours. COMPARING is a confidence killer. No one has ever complained, I have no reason not to keep my shop stocked, not one!

So starting today, I am done with comparison. What is for me will be, I am not talking to myself, you guys are here and have been; therefore, I will write, I will share my fiber follies and yarn obsessions. I sure will, there is no reason for me not.

Can any of you relate? Has comparison killed your confidence? Let’s discuss

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on


You have to TRY

I know I have mentioned this young man before David Gibson, I listen to his daily broadcast on Periscope every chance I get. Today he said

Photo by_GGmadeit

and wow did that hit me straight in the face! I am typing this post with tears in my eyes, because I am so sure I have missed out on so many things because I didn’t try. I didn’t think I could do it, so I avoided.

  • I didn’t think I could knit until I tried
  • I didn’t think I could sell on Etsy until I tried
  • I didn’t think I could have a fan page on Facebook until I tried
  • I didn’t think I could have folks interested enough to follow me on Instagram until I tried
  • I didn’t think I could have a blog with readers until I tried
  • I didn’t think I could make videos on Youtube until I tried

So to all of you that take the time to read my post, what haven’t you tried? You will never know if you can until you do.  What would you like to do but fear you cannot? Let’s talk!

You know you knit too much when…

Your family was close to calling 911 because you left your project bag in Pennsylvania, true story.  I saw a pic that Allfreeknitting posted and I had jump on the bandwagon. I know you know I don’t think one could ever knit too much. So what had happen was…IMG_7045


Saturday afternoon I jumped in the car and drove to Bushkill Pa, to see my god brother Carlton and his new family. It goes without saying that I don’t leave home with out my knitting. I mean, well I just don’t.  Once I arrived the mingling began and I didn’t get to take my knitting out, which is extremely rare for me, but I had a good time. It’s time to leave because I didn’t want to drive back in the I am saying my goodbyes and someone asked about my knitting.

IMG_7033 and the bragging began…of course I took out my WIP. Heck what crafter do you know that doesn’t love a good show and tell session? Anyway I give hugs and kisses all around and head back home. The drive is a little under 2 hours.

I get home and I make the obligatory “I made it home safely call” when I hear this “Gaye Gaye, you know that cowl you are making that you showed me?” I say “yes” smiling in anticipation of the forth coming compliment right? WRONG she goes on to say “it’s still here, you left and I got up to walk back in the house and it dropped out of my lap!”


Please understand I almost crashed!! If you could have seen me patting the seat next me, because I didn’t believe her. This HAD to be a cruel joke, that was NOT funny. How could I leave my precious yarn behind?? I didn’t even have anything to drink, so I can’t even say I was out of my mind.

Driving back up there alone in the dark, was not an option. Although I gave it serious consideration. So I came home and tried to just go to sleep and guys I am not exaggerating I could not go to sleep. I was truly sad


She called me back to let me know that she sent it home with her sister that doesn’t live too far from me. So crisis over, but you all know I was about to go to her house at 11pm to get my stuff!! LOL I really need help, because I couldn’t relax enough to sleep. Some folks do warm milk, I do a row or two. #sorrynotsorry

Have you ever left a project behind?

I hope your weekend was a good one

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on


A lesson I learned in knitting


So I just finished a baby romper and hat and it took me 2 1/2 weeks to finish it because I didn’t read it first. Because I am always so eager to start the next project. I just dive right in..SMH I bet I won’t do that again. This project took me so long for no good reason. I will do better

2015-08-12 10.35.08

What could I have avoided if I had read the pattern first? Is that your question? Well here is the answer….

  1. Running to the yarn store for buttons. I mean I look at the picture and some part  of my mind saw buttons, but did I pay attention or make a conscious decision what type of buttons I would use? NOPE ! Delay #1IMG_6774
  2. Running to the yarn store for help. This was a commissioned project so the pressure to get it right was tremendous and because of that I absolutely should have thoroughly read the pattern. Did I? NOPE, I just knit my way right to the bump in the road, so to speak and couldn’t get over it to save my life…to the knit store I ran. Of course I was distracted by all of the beautiful yarn. Delay #2IMG_6751
  3. Running to Michaels to find ribbon. So yea about that picture on the front of the pattern. The one I looked at every day for almost 3 weeks. The one that clearly showed the bonnet with the RIBBON..yea THAT picture. The picture that I didn’t pay attention to, is the reason I was so running into the yarn store before they closed so I could ship it out. #hotmess Delay #3IMG_7010

I wasted so much time by not preparing properly, I will always read the pattern first from this day forward. I mean the I am pretty happy with the end result, but it absolutely could have been done sooner. IMG_7020

Another thing I didn’t do was measure the yarn..wait I can’t take the blame for that part, the pattern didn’t say how much was required. So I was truly playing yarn chicken. This yarn I received in a Yarnbox like 2 years ago. It is Fyberspates vivacious which is 100% super wash merino. The color which I couldn’t capture properly, is called Blue Lagoon. I am so very happy that I was able to use it and I can’t wait to see the gorgeous little lady wearing it.

I can’t be the only one that needed this lesson, can I? Do you guys read the entire pattern before you start knitting? Do I have and “just jump in” knitters on here? I guess this comes from being self taught.

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on

5 reasons to visit a YARN Store

If I could,  I would spend all of my free time in a yarn store. I would never, ever get bored. Why go to a yarn store? Is that what you said? WHY NOT? is my answer! My friends that don’t knit always look at me funny when I say I am going to the yarn store. Those closest to me know I have an apartment full of yarn, and think I don’t need anymore. Ha!! To that I say “whatever man”

Today I woke up with the yarn store as my goal and not to purchase yarn either. So why go you think, right? WRONG. Let me tell you at least 5 reasons I go to a yarn store, you ready? Let’s go….

5 Reasons to visit a Yarn store 

  1. The first and most obvious reason is YARN! But wait I feel the need to explain here. Until my good girl friend introduced me to a REAL yarn store, when I thought of getting yarn I ran to Michaels or A.C.moore. You see I had no idea these fiber sanctuaries existed. I didn’t know I could get up close and personal with Merino, Cotton, Silk, Linen, Alpaca and Cashmere. I mean who knew these fiber oasis were open to mere mortals like me. So yea if you love NEED, MUST find yourself a Yarn store ASAP!
    Wonderland Yarns “pigments of imagination” in the color way Cheshire Cat 100% super wash merino

    For better or worsted by Anzula and luxury blend that includes cashmere
  2. The second reason I stalk, oops I mean visit a yarn store is inspiration. A true yarn store will have samples all around the store that are wallet magnets…wait I mean inspiring. The samples give you an idea of what all that yarn you purchased could look like once it’s knit or crocheted. You can try on said samples and fall ALL the way in love and refuse to leave the store without EVERYthing you need to re-create said sample. What? I have done that a time or two,three,four..well who is counting? I am inspired, no matter what yarn spa I walk into. There is almost always something hanging up that I MUST make NOW! Like today at Do Ewe Knit. I got to touch and feel the Cane Bay Wrap yup I must make it! Gonna go back and get the yarn next week. Look ain’t it nice? IMG_6917IMG_6923
  3. The third reason is help! That is the sole reason I went to the yarn store today is for help. My current WIP is all but done, but I couldn’t visualize the pattern instructions at all. I did what I thought it was telling me to do and was not happy at all. So I went to see Karen, the owner of Do Ewe Knit? and we brainstormed on how I could finish this pattern. Then more of her customers came in, which meant more help! You see why I LOVE visiting yarn stores?
  4. The fourth reason is new fiber friends! I have met some amazing folks in yarn stores. I mean I have met designers like Stephen West and Stephen Be in a yarn store. Amazing right? Yea it is and it seems like crafters are some of the kindest folks out there. I love to sit in a yarn store and just talk Ravelry or Rhinebeck, it is an experience that you have to be in, because someone telling you just doesn’t do it justice. I have yet to walk into a yarn store and leave without a new fiber friend :)IMG_6941 IMG_6940 IMG_4903 2015-04-18 11.39.08 2015-04-19 13.20.07
  5. The final reason is…yarn! But wait, new yarn, yarn I had never tried or heard of or touched or squished. Yes squished, you have to squeeze the yarn that’s a requirement. squishy and you have to say “it’s so squishy” while you are at it!  hahahahahahahahaa so like today for instance, I went for help right? Well Karen was preparing to stock some new yarn and the colors should be illegal. Like a shark to blood, my yarn radar went off. I tried not to open the package and molest the fiber, but I needed to know if it was worthy. It had to past the squish-test <—I made that up just now :p IMG_6920this Wonderland Yarn right here…O M Gee!!!! My fingers are not worthy, I needed to put on gloves, I mean,  I had to bring it home with me..just one pack. I see you looking at me sideways. This is a judge free zone!! hahahahahahahahahahahaha

BONUS: they have the cutest “other stuff” IMG_6934Now it’s your turn, do you have other reasons?

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on


A yarn store visit

There is nothing more pleasing to me than visiting a yarn store and that is what I did the other day. You see I was on the hunt for buttons for my current project AND I promised to bring my Spring Fever and my Shades of Grey for Karen to photograph. I grabbed Tracey and hit the road.


This wrap has to be in my top 10 all time favorites, without a doubt. I am really proud to say “I made it!” when asked where did I get the wrap. I love Karin’s colors too!! If you haven’t tried it yet it is a wonderful project that generates a versatile piece that can be worn year round. The pattern can be found here.

I am so sure I have blogged about Do Ewe Knit? in the past. So you all know that she has the best stuff. I only went in to get buttons Jesus..BUTTONS!! But these bags were just yelling my name. I couldn’t leave them there, I mean could you? Would you?

IMG_6759 IMG_6755I

I can see you all virtually nodding your heads yes!! LOL! The drinking club one cracks me up every time. So I had a birthday gift card that was begging to be used AND there was a sale Woot Woot. You all have seen the bag already because I had to post it, but here you go…


Knitting is TRULY the new black, don’t you agree? So the buttons…I grabbed some apples because the romper is for a little girl and of course I had to fondle some yarn. LOL! I will share the project once it is complete, but here are the buttons I was working with


that is not the true color, but dontcha love the apples? I should be finished soon, this pattern is giving me a run for my money, it’s not the best instructions I have ever had to deal with, but I am getting through it! As soon as I am done I will post before I ship it off to it’s new home.

Here are some of the pics I took while in the store..

IMG_6754 IMG_6753 IMG_6751

When was the last time you went to a yarn store?

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on


And the winner is……

Thank you to all that entered, this was fun and I will do this again. Please send me an email with your mailing address at

Gaye Glasspie of GGMadeIt modeling knitwear for PattyMac Photos as photographed by Patty McGuire
Gaye Glasspie of GGMadeIt modeling knitwear for PattyMac Photos as photographed by Patty McGuire

Knit on my fiber friends, knit on….


Birthday giveaway|Happy Birthday to me

Hello my fiber friends! Guess what? It’s my birthday today!!! AND I want to give something to YOU!! WHY? Because I truly appreciate you all interacting with me and this is how I will express my gratitude.  *singing* it’s my party and i’ll….wait I’m not gonna cry..but you get the point right?

Gaye Glasspie of GGMadeIt modeling knitwear for PattyMac Photos as photographed by Patty McGuire
Gaye Glasspie of GGMadeIt modeling knitwear for PattyMac Photos as photographed by Patty McGuire

I have 2 Cocoknits tape measures, remember this post? You can have your very own.  I also have a set of stitch markers from MekaMika and you can see the stitch markers here. Cute right? Who doesn’t like a cute stitch marker?

How do you win? It’s very simple..First I will have 3 winners; 1 from the Facebook page, 1 from the Instagram page and one for you guys here on the blog. The only rule is this one: YOU MUST FOLLOW ME.  So if you enter here on the blog, you must follow me. Basically,  whichever platform you enter you must follow me. Heck you can enter 3 times but can only win once. You enter by simply typing “Chapter 49 will be the best” and I will randomly select a winner. To my international fiber friends, this includes you too! The winner will be announced on Thursday August 6, 2015 at 12 noon EST here on the blog…so stay tuned.

Keep an eye out because when you see this picture on Instagram…all you do is simply type “chapter 49 will be the best” on my Facebook page “chapter 49 will be the best”  and here on the blog “chapter 49 will be the best” and you have entered for a chance to win one of the 3 prizes.

Thank you all!! I seriously have the best fiber friends ever!

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on


A taste of Malabrigo

Hey my fiber friends, you know I love to take you all along when I go to yarn stores and I went to a new one yesterday. Tracey Rivers, do you all remember her? She was featured on a Saturday Spotlight. She was generous enough to allow me to ride with her over to Brooklyn. I am afraid to drive in NY guys


The Argyle Yarn Shop is located in beautiful Park Slope Brooklyn and they hosted a Yarn Tasting featuring the always fabulous Malabrigo yarns AND the owner Mr Antonio Gonzalez-Arnao.


What is a yarn tasting you ask? Well let me answer…A yarn tasting allows you to try before you buy. So bring your needles and test drive some yarn that may be new to you. Doesn’t that sound fun? Yea it absolutely is!!! What made this event super special was the Q&A with Antonio. The owners of Argyle Yarn shop really did an awesome job, you had beverages, you had yarn, you had samples, you had sales, you had knitters galore and you had giveaways. I mean what more would you want? Oh and guess who won one of the prizes?  So if you are a yarn lover and in Brooklyn..make your way over there and show them some love.


Yup that would be me!! AND that is RASTA in my favorite!! Woo Hoo!! So the evening starts with some mingling, some shopping of course and then the q&a. You guys know I love a good window display and this shop nailed it! Look at those flowers


IMG_6673 IMG_6683 IMG_6692

Can I tell you this is heaven for me? I am in my element and with my people. I just absolutely love events like this. Ok so I posted the picture of me and my yarn and someone said “what is Rasta” Wait WHAT!!!  So let me tell you what I know about Malabrigo yarn (most of which I learned from listening to Antonio) I mean I can tell you that the yarn is a MUST, but I didn’t have here

1. The company is 10 years old (10 years of fiberlicious goodness)

2. The company was started by Antonio and his brother in law. Antonio is an architect and the business slowed down, so the birth of this fabulous company happened.

3. The grass is good in Uruguay. LOL that is what he think better diet better body. Well that good grass is making the BOMB yarn!

4. The colors are done by Antonio who he is inspired by nature and did his first dye job in his kitchen using his wife’s soup pot. He shared that his wife fussed because now the soup would be blue! I love it!

So if you are new to Malabrigo here is the website and you can see all of the fabulous colors. If you follow me on Ravelry you have seen this yarn, because I use it often. They carry all weights and the pattern books they put out..listen, folks will fight you for them.  The latest one is called Book 8 in Central Park and featured a pattern by this talented woman that I had the pleasure of chatting with, the one and only Nancy Ricci of Getting Purly with it. Thank you Nancy for all of your kind words, they mattered. She almost made me cry yawl! Okay back to her design.  The pattern is called Bethesda and is made in Malabrigo Mecha which is bulky and’s Malabrigo. Here is the link to the patternIMG_6695 As you can see I had a wonderful time. It was just an absolutely awesome evening. I won some yarn, I met some folks I admire and fell in love with that little girl there.

Oh and here is the latest editions to my stash. Thank you Tracey for my birthday gift which is featured in the title pic. Below is some Rasta, what I purchased (it was on sale guys) and what I won. Oh and the us19 DPN’s I had to…I just couldn’t leave them there.

IMG_6707 IMG_6706


knit on my fiber friends…knit on

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