I have my passport, do you?

It’s almost time to travel through NJ visiting local yarn shops. NJ Woolwalk kicks off on Thursday April 16th through April 19th. What is the wool walk you ask? Well here is what the page says

The NJ Wool Walk is 4 days of fun and yarny goodness for knitters, crocheters, weavers and spinners.  14 shops are participating this year- each with their own style and ambiance.  There are participation prize baskets to win, and many shops will be offering other goodies, such as exclusive free patterns, trunk shows showcasing knitwear and yarns, and book signings by popular designers.

2 years ago this even was called the yarn crawl and boy or boy did I crawl to EVERY store. It was a fiber lover’s dream! My goal was  to support each location. I purchased tape measures, scissors, buttons, patterns..something, anything to support these magical places called Local Yarn shops. I can’t wait to see what these owners have in store!


This year you purchase your bag for $5 and your bag includes your passport which you much get stamped at each store you visit. According to the site there will be 3 grand prizes. How awesome is that!!

This year the plan is to be strategic and get only what I need. Wait, I don’t NEED any yarn, but I want to get enough to make Calla by Jumpercableknitting. See that’s a plan right? LOL honestly I plan on not just going in these stores all out of control. I will be a controlled over spender  shopper. Here is the list of the participating shops. 14 different stores throughout the state! I am so very excited! I will absolutely come back with my review.

Are you in Jersey? Will you be attending? Please say hi if you see me.

knit on my fiber friends. knit on


When life interrupts knitting 

please don’t get me wrong, I am so very grateful to be working BUT all crazy people need their meds. My knitting is my medication and when I am not taking my meds I am so NOT responsible for what happens 👀

I will have a post about my tank top soon, I just need to block it, finish up the arm holes and take pics.  I wanted to make this shawl next  and have the perfect yarn but….

I have NOT had time to wind the yarn because: LIFE! So I am feeling some type of way. 😒  I casted on another Silk ‘N Scribbles shawl  because that yarn was wound and ready to go.  I am not playing! I MUST knit or it gets ugly fast. I’m sitting at work with an attitude right now! 😒


This weekend is pretty much locked up. Imma need to start sending this to folks  

 is that sad that I would rather spend time knitting then out socializing? Well how bout if it is too bad! 😈 I like what I like and everyone needs to fall in line; including my boss. Got me stressing the hell out! Besides I’m too cute to frown! #sorrynotsorry


Happy Friday y’all 😋

Knit on my fiber friends… Knit on


That feeling when….

Your WIP is coming into form. Guys please know that every compliment lands smack in the middle of my heart and I appreciate you all, but, in my eyes I am still new at this knitting thing. I am still learning, I am still afraid to try and I still tell myself “girl you can’t make that!” SOO when I do exactly that!! I am overwhelmed with a sense of pride.

Last year if not prior, I ordered this cotton tank top to make for my daughter from The Yarn Company. It was an exclusive kit that came with the pattern and the yarn. The pattern is called Irini’s Summer Seas Tank by Irina Polidnenko. The yarn is the Soft Cotton from Tahki Stacy Charles Yarn.



When I first saw it I figured I could do it, I got the pattern and ran in the other direction; therefore it has been sitting in my stash for quite sometime. While stash diving the other day I came across it and figured I’d give it a try. IMG_4620

I was so afraid of the holes and they are quite easy to create. I tell you that mind is powerful! It is a FACT that what I tell myself I can’t do, I don’t do. Self talk it super important. I have to be my own voice of reason. This baby is working up very fast and nice..I am so very proud of the outcome. I have now finished the back and am now  working on the front.



The pattern is pretty easy to follow..a few places I could have used clearer explanation, but I figured it out. With each project I get a little better and I am so very proud of that. Can any of you relate to that feeling?

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on



last year while in the Philippines I made my very first Carasan pattern, it is called Madyson Caplet. This project can be seen here and it was my first time working with felt and I loved it! The designer is the one and only Terri Rosenthal and I had the honor of meeting her during Vogue Knitting Live in Time square. We not only met but had the chance to do dinner, who was beaming? I was and still am.  😋


Anyway, she posted one of her upcoming designs and I literally drooled on my iPad. Omg it had bobbles on it! I have been dying to learn bobbles, I mean I could crochet them without issue but knitted, NOPE. Lol I have no idea why I allow things to scare me into avoidance. I guess I am a low key punk 🙊 shhhh don’t tell okay?

So after I slobbed all over her post she was gracious enough to share the pattern 💃 and I have just the yarn too. Wait did I say the pattern called for bulky yarn? 😍😋 I decided to use the Koigu bulky that I snagged at VKL. The color way is 22b which is a fun burst of bright colors, blended to perfection. 


Annabelle is a delightful project, one that kept me on my toes with the cables and bobbles, and works up quickly! It’s a cowl/caplet, but for me it’s more cowl..I am so very blessed in the chest 😳. The design gives a nice amount of tenure without being busy and works well with tha variegated yarn I selected. 


One of the days I was working on it in the laundry mat and I forgot my cable needle, humph you can’t and won’t stop me from finishing my project catslapit! I used my eye liner 👀 what? You gotta do whatcha gotta do and I did! 😋 



Annabelle worked up quickly and after a nice bath and blocking she came to life. Prior to blocking I was afraid it would only be big enough for a cowl. I actually thought I had done something wrong, but block it baby, block it! Blocking is another technique that I use to avoid and I have no clue as to why. GG can be scary. This pattern will be available on her website soon. Who should knit this? I would say an advanced beginner (that’s me) 🙋as long as you can knit, purl and knit stitches together you should be fine. 



Knit on my fiber friends….knit on


It’s all about the Scarf, about the scarf..no CURLS!!

So I posted this pic in a knit group I belong to on Facebook saying how good it feels to be able to say “I made it” when someone asks about my knitwear. Ladies..this pic has gotten so many comments and about guess what?? My hair! hahahahahahah but NOT.


I was showing them my expression on my face when folk say where did you get that…that’s the “I made it smirk” But NOOOO, they wannna love up on the hair. I wanted to say look at the S C A R F dammit!!  THE SCARF!! This ain’t about Sasha (my hair) I had folks stating their hair is straight as straw and they would love my curls. I had some approach with the classic what do you use and how do you get your hair to curl like that, questions. I wanted to yell…”SERIOUSLY, Y’ALL DON’T SEE THAT BEAUTIFUL SCARF” around my damn neck…hair always stealing the show. Got me singing “It’s all about the scarf, no Curls!” in my Megan Trainor voice. :p


I told you all this one designer I ADORE..Terri Hampton-Rosenthal I met her at Vogue Knitting Live and I was having a fan moment. I was all introducing myself and telling her which of her patterns I made and she was like “GG! I would know those curls anywhere” well I’ll be jumped up and down! you don’t know my knitting though right? hahahahahaahahahahakhaha ‪#‎naturalhairrocks‬ #butmyknittingishot

That pic has 500+ likes and counting.  But  this pic with the scarf only has 100+ likes. I call foul on the play!


I am feeling some kinda way guys! I know you all are probably like but GG and I am like but my eye!! hahahahahaha My SCARF is ca-ute!! Now if I posted that pic in a hair group I would expect the hair comments. I think they hurt my feelings! hahahahahahaha Why won’t they look at my scarf? If I get one more alert saying that scarf is nice but that hair OMG!! NO! NO!! You OMG my scarf!! My scarf is  OMG worthy! hahahahaahahahahahaa


Here are the details on the scarf in case you are interested in THE SCARF!!! The pattern is Silk ‘N’ Scribbles by StevenBe the yarn I used was 1 skein of  Madelinetosh Home and like 1/2 skein of Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace held double. I used a us17 needle. I am absolutely going to do this again…this is such a great recipe for a beautiful end result! I love the texture that is created by working with the two different yarn weights


Ok rant over….

Knit on my fiber friends..knit on

WIPday…what are you working on? 

I know I am late but with great reason….I have an assignment guys!! Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. GG is working again!!! 🙌💃👍


So, it’s Wednesday what are you working on? I just finished a cowl/caplet but it’s blocking so I will come back with that later. 

As a way of winding down I cast on Silk ‘n’ Scribbles by StevenBe. Why I love it? Do you have to ask? You see that bulky yarn, I know you do. Isn’t that an awesome way to keep my bulky love going all year around?? 😋

Knit on my fiber friends.. Knit on



March 23, 2015

I could be sad, down in the dumps or the dreaded D word depressed but nope I knit; and with every stitch I remind myself I GOT THIS!

More often than not I get co-signers when I speak of my battered heart so I share this for you too. Come on say it with me “I got this!”

Have a wonderful start of the week 😘

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on