WIPday…what are you working on? 

I know I am late but with great reason….I have an assignment guys!! Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. GG is working again!!! 🙌💃👍


So, it’s Wednesday what are you working on? I just finished a cowl/caplet but it’s blocking so I will come back with that later. 

As a way of winding down I cast on Silk ‘n’ Scribbles by StevenBe. Why I love it? Do you have to ask? You see that bulky yarn, I know you do. Isn’t that an awesome way to keep my bulky love going all year around?? 😋

Knit on my fiber friends.. Knit on



March 23, 2015

I could be sad, down in the dumps or the dreaded D word depressed but nope I knit; and with every stitch I remind myself I GOT THIS!

More often than not I get co-signers when I speak of my battered heart so I share this for you too. Come on say it with me “I got this!”

Have a wonderful start of the week 😘

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on


The weekend 

the weekend was pretty quiet in regards to knitting.  I didn’t start a new project because I was focused on getting the honeycomb stitch right.  

I saw a video and wanted to try I out. All was going well until I came across one video that demonstrated honeycomb brioche stitch and the other simply said honeycomb

The Brioche version required knitting one below (k1b) and the other version required yarn overs (yo) and slipped stitches. So I decided to swatch both techniques for no other reason other than curiosity. Here is the end result 



Which one do you like best? Have you worked with either of these stitches? Let’s discuss in the comments.

So as you can I see I was basically minding my fiber business until I was invited into this knitting group on FB. Now I normally avoid these groups because I am allergic to nonsense 😒. But I went and looked around and this is where I spotted them. Have you guys seen them yet? Seen what you ask? The pajamas with the sheep and yarn from target? Lol you have to watch my video here and here 

Of course I went looking and they didn’t have any more wide ass sizes left so my heart was broke 😏. I came home and check on line 😾 who was supposed to tell me about these BEFORE they sold out every catslappin place? Huh? Who? 


Cue the closing scene from Waiting to exhale, when they are singing 🎤 That’s what friends are for🎤 my girlfriend found them 💃💃🙌😍 I was so happy as is evident in the video 👆up there. She got me the shorts and the pants! Woot woot! 


Aren’t they cute? Not only the sheep and the yarn but the heart between them just did it for me. I can’t wait to get them and put them on and model 😋

How was your weekend? 

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on



It’s Wednesday and I am working on….

and finally finished my Figichini Woot Woot!  In a previous post I shared this project with you guys. I discovered this StevenBe jackpot and fell in love  during the Stephen & Steven tour. I was able to get another skein of the Knitwhits Freia Handpaints Super Bulky to finish the neckline. I decided on a collar so I improvised a bit from the original pattern.

I had to run to Youtube to find out how you pick up stitches. Can one of tell me why some call it pick up and knit and others simply say pick up? Is there a difference?


Here is what I did:

Picked up 38 stitches. I worked 3 x 3 ribbing until I got to the end and k2. I worked this ribbing back and forth until I got to 8 inches and finished my binding off in pattern.

I come from the time when standing your collar up made you look stylish and I haven’t let that go. I know I may be out of style..but I love my collar :P Does that make me old? Ha I don’t care I like it! Of course I used one of my Jul Design closure..yes I did.

IMG_4355LOL I am so sure folks walking past and see me on the porch posing with pjs on below and all dressed up top think I am a complete NUT!! hahahahahaaa

So what are you working on today?

Knit on my Fiber friends…knit on


I prepared…..or so I thought

Can we talk about this pillow working my last good nerve? Can we? Ok so you remember the Preparation post right? I was all proud because I followed the RULES and did the math because I was designing this pillow cover right? Yea, how bout NO!

I guess I should have looked up the formula for casting on in the round..because that first attempt. Yea the one that wasn’t even half the depth I needed BUT was contemplating cutting the pillow in half to make it fit. YUP you read it right..I couldn’t purchase more yarn (lord knows I stared at in my etsy cart for a LONG time) so I had already added another ball of different yarn and was striping it. WHAT? Westknits AND StevenBe said just keep knitting and catslapit that is what I did. I even did my bind off..I was really going to cut the pillow. Jesus be some sense, because I had none….but I was full of frustration.

After binding off and realizing that pillow would have been perfect for Jack n the Beanstalk’s GIANT! Talking about over shooting your target! Man listen, so I took it out and started again. But before I took it out I pinned it to the pillow and counted. This time I would knit it flat and make two panels. One yarn in the front and the other in the back. Ok that should work. HA! LOL NOPE it was still too wide. I would have cried if I wasn’t laughing so hard. I will tell you that I put baby in the corner. I was so over that damn pillow AND I wasn’t putting my new linen on my bed without it!

Monday rolled around and I refused to be defeated. So I tried again. The pillow was 36 inches so I casted on 72 stitches in the round and prayed for a miracle. I decided not to stripe this time, I would just knit until I ran out and then add the other color. That worked out nicely. As I was knitting I kept sliding the pillow into the tube and Woo Hoo it was working!! I was even clear enough to remember to leave enough yarn to seam..because yea I have had to back pedal for that in the past. I was finally finished and able to put my fresh new linen on my bed: SUCCESS




Materials Used:

  • 36 x 36 pillow from Ikea
  • 1 skein of Feederbrook Farm Super Fluffy chunk (180 yrds)
  • 1 skein of custom ordered handspun/handdyed from Nicole Frost (104 yards)
  • US19 circular needle
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors

CO 72 and carefully join in the round. I knit until I ran out of yarn and then joined the second ball. I knit until I had enough left to seam the pillow closed. Seamed one end with basic whip stitch, slid the cover over the pillow and finished.

Lesson learned? NONE because I still don’t know why the math didn’t work. Was it because it was in the round? I will do the research so I know better next time.

NOTE: I did this in one day..between cooking dinner and stuff

Knit on my fiber friends..knit on

talking about


Knit Tag

Today I got tapped to participate in the “knit tag” by the lovely Ally and Woozle. Her blog can be found here Look I said sure and didn’t have a clue what I would be required to do hahahahahaha! It is simply a few questions and I have to tag 10 folks. So look out for you name below. Ok here we go

1. How much time do you spend knitting?

*sigh* Look before I answer this question don’t forget this is a judge free zone, ok? OKAY!! Ok so it’s 24 hours in one day right? *counts on my fingers* hahahahahahahaa I knit a LOT that is all I will admit.

2. What is your favorite yarn and why?

OH GOD!! why didn’t I read these questions first. The question should be is there a yarn I don’t like? This is a set up! I demand new questions!

3. What size of needles do you most often knit with?

Well you all know I am the founding member of #teamlazyashell so anything US13 and up, way up!! are my friends. We play well together :p

4. How big is your stash right now?

Listen here, for all of you with your noses pressed against the screen all ready to judge me, kick rocks! hahahahaahahahaha. My stash is, well let me share this and you decide. Last year I was in the Philippines for 2 months and my routine was to talk to my Shelbey before I left work and once I got back to the hotel. Well one day I didn’t call or contact like normal and this child went on Facebook and said “if my mother doesn’t get in touch with me in the next hour I am tossing all her yarn out the window!” You do know I was about to swim across the Pacific Ocean to save my precious yarn. So how big is that? LOL!  NOTE: I ain’t answering this because it could be some crazy fiber person reading this plotting to come rob me of my precious cargo. I am not falling for that! NOPE

5. What is your favorite yarn brand and why?

I swear reading is fundamental..I should have read before I accepted this challenge. I can’t name just one. I mean it depends on the weight..for example the big bumps I am BagSmith girl, why? Quality. I have used quite a few brands and the poncho that I made from the BagSmith gets the most play. I don’t get that annoying pilling that happens and it’s extra warm too. Bulky/super bulky oh I love it all!! BUT this month I would have to say my favorite is Plucky Knitter Snug…oh it’s a yummy blend of Merino, Cashmere and Alpaca. It’s absolutely yummy! The squishy level is off the charts. Ok I could and will go on and on but I will stop here.

6. What do you prefer: circular needles or straight ones?

finally an easy one..definitely circular!

7. Have you ever design your own knitting patterns?

now by design you mean something that is written on paper for someone ELSE to knit? NOPE now the things I have knit and didn’t write down..well yea we all do that right?

8. What yarn-related skill would you like to learn? (crochet, weaving, spinning)

I am curious about spinning, but I don’t need another thing to keep me up all night long!

9. Which is worst: a thread of yarn that splits or realizing that you made a mistake after 20 rows?

Prior to attending the Stephen & Steven tour I would have said finding a mistake after 20 rows. But I am working on being a YES knitter and just keep going. It’s gonna be hard, but I will try.

10. Which yarn are you knitting with now?

I am using Feederbrook Farms Super Fluffy chunk 100% merino. It’s so soft it’s sinful. I purchased this at the Vogue Knitting Live in NYC this year.

11. Which brand of yarn would you like to test?

I have been drooling over the TJOCKT Fat and Sassy. I would love to get my hands on some of that fiber goodness. It’s just looks sexy!

12. What is your feeling about knitting?

I have said this time and time again. Knitting it my therapy and yarn is the string that holds my tattered heart together. I knit when I am happy, I knit when I am sad, I knit when I lost something that I wish I still had. Yea I knit all the time, when I knit I feel fine. ;P

Ok now the fun…I have to tag 10 of you to do the same; so here it goes AndreSue, The Knitterly Hooker, Knitting Sarah, Midnight knitter, Dana, largeroomnolight, Pattymac, Marleygurl, Curls &Q, and Nittin Ninja

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on