One Friday while cleaning off my dresser (how does all that stuff get up there?) I came across an old bangle that I just refuse to throw away. I took a moment to think about why I didn’t wear it anymore and the main reason was it didn’t LOOK good anymore. All the time it spent rolling around in my sea of jewelry had taken it’s toll as it looked rusty and just unattractive. 

I have always wanted to knit me a bracelet. There is a pattern on Ravelry that I have had in my favorites FOR E V E R!! I swear that is a pattern gravesite, because I put them in my favorites and then forget about them, but I digress, back to the bangle. So I had a lil bit of Madelinetosh ASAP that happened to be sitting on the dresser from hell, right near the bracelet. Did you see the lightbulb go off? Did you see the speech bubble above my head? It said “hmmm I could cover that bangle in yarn, can’t I?” You didn’t see it? Why? Oh, you weren’t looking? We will talk about that later. 2015-09-20 16.35.18

<—-that is my “why weren’t you looking at me?” face. You see I covered those earrings in the picture? *insert cheeky grin* I won’t tell you I needed to be in the shower and preparing to attend a wake nope, I won’t. What I will tell you is I grabbed a large crochet hook and made a chain and covered that baby right on up. I was all excited, I put lotion on my one arm, Hahahahahahaha and added some of my other favorite bangles and the photoshoot began. No, wait first I got on Periscope to get some live feedback, because I was thinking should this be something I add to the shop on Etsy? The folks on Periscope had me all excited because they were all very supportive. I put a video together to get more feedback and I got a lot of “well it looks good on you, but I wouldn’t wear it”  and “I definitely wouldn’t buy it because I could make it myself”. I also got “what other color could you make?” So I was feeling all creative and stuff. Look

2015-09-18 18.33.09

You like my arm candy? I do/did! So Saturday morning, lookout because I was covering EVERY thing! I had lost my mind. I was going through my jewelry box searching for bangles, I knew I had more somewhere and of course I had more scraps. Every yarnlover worth their salt has a bag, box, basket or whatever FULL of lonely leftover yarn, am I right?

2015-09-21 11.25.38

The possibilities were endless, but I did notice the fuzz and thanks to my new Fiber friends on Periscope I learned that I needed to use superwash or cotton yarn. You know I have scraps of all of that right? What? The name of the blog says YARNHO, don’t act like you ain’t know I have an issue, don’t do that. Anyway, let the crafting begin…because

2015-09-21 11.48.15

Yes I could turn this old jewelry into more, with the help of a little leftover yarn!! Woot Woot!
2015-09-20 14.22.11

2015-09-19 11.46.02

I had bangles and earrings that I didn’t wear because, well they were waiting to be covered in yarn! hahahahahahahaha. She has lost her mind guys! because nothing was safe, I even have a paper weight that I was about to…yea it was crazy!

2015-09-20 14.44.52

2015-09-20 14.33.32

2015-09-20 15.34.43

I tried different methods and different sizes, I crocheted around the bangle and with the earring, I just wrapped the yarn around the earring. I even put my label on one! You couldn’t tell me nothing! Hahahahaha!

2015-09-20 15.33.27

So don’t let that yarn go to waste, REMIX!! turn it into something new.

2015-09-21 12.07.22

Here is another picture of me wearing my lovely “new” bracelets.

2015-09-19 12.28.16

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on