That is actually a question, one I ask myself often. How do you schedule your knitting/crocheting projects? Do you plan or just go for it? Do you have a craft book with a calendar? Do you get the yarn then the pattern or vice versa? All of these questions require planning, if you ask me. So a planning we will go, hi ho the merry..wait wrong song..but you get my pointΒ 


Ok so here is like my Shelbey says “what had happened was”. hahahahahahahahaa

I have found another person to stalk..I mean to follow on Periscope and every other social media platform and her name is Mattie James..the talent behind She had this awesome planner she was sharing on her scope by and I ordered one immediately.

In the past I always had a planner or a journal to write down my thoughts/plans and/or actions. When I lost my foundation in 2012 (my parents and my job) for whatever reasons I just stopped using a planner of any sort. Well, this one is so very cute and girly and inspiring that I had to have one of my own. It has your traditional planner stuff as well as the cutest stickers and motivational statements to keep you going.

IMG_7348 IMG_7349

Why am I showing you this, is that your question? That is a fair question and here is the answer. First off it’s so stinking cute!! Second, I need to organize myself so I can have a killer season with my Etsy shop. I know it’s often said, but it is so very true for me; writing something down makes it real to me. It’s like this switch goes off in my brain and it’s operation “get er done”

I don’t have a Fall Collection or anything THIS year, but I honestly feel if I get back into my planner thing, I could absolutely pull that off next year, what do you think? I also want to come up with that GGmadeit signature piece, you know what I mean? I know in order to get there I must plan. So I am ready to grab my dreams by the collar and make them reality.



First up is to finish this blanket, I swear this double knitting is going to be the end of me. Pray for me you guys! Oh and my profusion. Ugh!! I don’t have the mental capacity for multiple WIPs.

Do you have a planner?

Knit on fiber friends…knit on