Almost every day (especially now that I am unemployed) I start my day on the internet. I am either searching for work, checking emails or updating my resume. Most days I can focus and do what I have set out to do but today I got super distracted by what? Yup YARN. Let me tell you what happen.

The other day Stephen West posted this picture of a hat he made with the  biggest pom pom you could imagine and I wanted to know where he got that yarn



So you can see it’s the chunky stuff that I love right? So the hunt began…he (mr West) called the yarn Fat & Sassy! HA of course I am crushing..that is me, literally!! (I am gonna diet, so shut it!) Anyway the hashtag said #Tjockt and I love hashtags. I clicked and it was like I entered some secret club of chunky yarn lovers. Then I went to my good friend Google, he always takes care of me, because he took me right to and sat back and watched me drool.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 5.43.09 PM <——that is Fat & Sassy and that she is, I did everything but kiss the screen. Let me tell you about her. According to the description on the website Fat&Sassy Merino yarn is super super bulky big stitch 100% merino yarn. Yarn is spun in Finland and it has the finest quality. This yarn is ideal for interior textiles and accessories – blankets, throws, shawls, scarfs, pillows and cushions – almost anywhere where soft and luxurious touch is required. This yarn is your choice if you are looking for super soft, luxurious and non-icthing wool. Well they may as well have said this is for GG, because that description says buy me…in EVERY flipping color.

Then you have Fat & Fluffy Merino, be still my beating heart. The fiber Gods are punishing me. Why did I find this stuff when I absolutely Can NOT purchase it (kicks the cat, well if I had a cat)

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 5.43.42 PM the description says Fat&Fluffy Merino yarn is loosely twisted big stitch yarn made of 100% extrafine merino wool. This yarn is also for 25mm needles and it weights about 50% less than Fat&Sassy Merino so with this yarn you knit almost double the area as with Fat&Sassy Merino. Fat&Fluffy is spun in Finland. This yarn is most suitable for baby knits and super-soft knits that do not have to tolerate a lot of friction. Both of the yarns come in 16 delicious colors on of which one  is BRIGHT ORANGE!! Ladies and gents  would you please look at this sweater, she is called Hot n Heavy



YUP I fell out the bed and passed all the out!!! O MY GAWD!!! I have a new boo and his name is Fat and Sassy. He don’t know it yet but we go together.  I think I stared at this sweater for like an hour. Then I tried to figure out what I could sell so I could get me some Fat & Sassy! LOL! I need therapy STAT!