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Through Patty’s lens|a sneak peek

So listen here….I was in Virginia for a family reunion and I had a photo shoot. Yes lil old me had a session with a phenomenal photographer who also happens to knit. Her name is Patty McGuire and she is a beast behind that camera, yea I said beast and I mean it! She made me so comfortable I forgot about my fat! I felt pretty 💁🏽

Have you ever looked at something you made and thought “damn! I knit/crocheted/sewed the hell out of that!! Well that is exactly how I felt when she started sharing the pics.  #teamproudashell

I think I shared that I am test knitting for Cashmere Junkie, also known as Taiga Hillard designs; so I can’t share what I have been making, but baby when I do….look out because GG MADE THAT!!

You guys have seen my Spring Fever by Amy Miller but have you really? I mean L o o k 👀 I can’t thank Patty enough for bringing my passion to life.


 Stay tuned as I will share as soon as I can

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on

I really love yarn 

A typical day goes like this….

The aIarm goes off at 5:15 am and that whole hitting snooze thing is automatic for me, you see in those 9 minutes I turn over and think ” did I pack yarn to take with me?”

The alarm goes off again…I sit up and think ” if I get up I can knit a few rows before I leave” 👀 yup this is EVERYDAY! So the argument that I have with myself when I don’t get up in time, is straight comedy.

Me: brushing my teeth and mumbling, ” now I won’t be able to knit”

me: 👀 who’s fault is that?

Me: “I won’t go get breakfast, I’ll just knit a bit before my class starts”

me: 😏 “yea then you’ll have a headache and won’t be able knit later, just hurry up so you can knit and eat”

Me: 😊 “yea, that!”

True story.

So the other day, I failed and wound up with that headache because she will knit before she eats, what! Don’t you? I make it through the day but I amimage

Literally! And then YARN HAPPENS! I get so excited when I get yarn in the mail! O M GAWD!!  This lovely yarn comes from the BagSmith and just like that she is happy again! What headache? Yarn truly makes me happy!IMG_6167

These are the merino bumps  and you can get your own right here  they have a variety of colors. I am going to try my hand I designing something eek 😱 I’m excited and nervous

Then I get so wound up that I pass out right out

I am currently testing patterns so I don’t have anything to show you, well until the patterns are released that is 😋.

NOTE: the yarn I am drooling on is Madelinetosh ASAP 💁🏾

knit on my fiber friends..knit on


Shades of Gray

There is nothing more rewarding to me than completing a project. I love finishing and this project was no different. I had the fortune of visiting Do Ewe Knit? during the wool walk and they had an exclusive kit which happened to be a poncho. Now, if you didn’t know, now you do….I LOVE ponchos. The Easy Folded Poncho was my first and I have been hooked every since. The only thing that stopped me was the small needles, ya’ll know I am lazy. LOL! I am so very happy I decided to make this poncho. The pattern is called Footloose & Fancy Free Poncho by Brenda Castiel and the yarn is from Three Irish girls yarn in the Springvale DK in the color way Smoke in the water.



It took me 3 weeks to make and I enjoyed every minute. I almost didn’t do it because of the provisional cast on, but I pull on my big girl panties and did it anyway. The texture generated by slipped stitches really pushes this over the edge. I am truly pleased with the colors, I had to call it Shades of Gray, how could not. Do you see how the gradient just gently glides into the next hue? This yarn, listen this yarn here is 100% merino and it blocked like a dream. Although it is late June, it was chilly enough for me to wear it today. I was like a kid and I couldn’t seam it up fast enough. The mattress stitch is truly magical and I was feeling mighty proud of myself.


IMG_5865So you know I couldn’t wait to put it on and model it! LOL here you can see for your self IMG_5885



Knit on my fiber friends…knit on


More than simply knitting outside…..

Yesterday was World Wide knit in public day and I LOVED every second of it and here is why. To those that say “I knit in public all the time” you totally missed the benefit of this day. In a world where our cultural differences lead to violence and more often than not, death; the oneness of WWKIP renewed my faith in humanity.  The event was hosted by Knitty City in Bryant Park in the heart of NYC. The day was gorgeous and the yarn, well not only was it plentiful, it was also the string that tied us all together. When I tell you the warmth in my heart as I mingled with all walks of life was a  close competitor with the heat of the sun. When I tell you the hashtag #knitterunite has a totally new meaning to me now, listen here….when I say ALL walks of life..I mean it! Women, men, young, and old all with a singular creative soul. Everyone was creating, someway, somehow. We had knitters, crocheters, weavers, needle pointers (wait is that a word?) you get my point though. EVERYone was making something. Everyone was curious as to what you were making, everyone had a compliment to give, everyone was proud and boastful and it was ok!! This was the 10th anniversary of KIP day and over 56 countries participated with 882 events…AHMAZING!!!!

Check out some footage I captured, the day was an Awesome experience and I met some of the coolest folks.

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on


Places you can knit|EVERYWHERE 

June is here which means shortly we can officially claim summertime AND spend as much time as possible outdoors.  Summer is when folks spend the most time with friends and family. It’s the time to have fun on the beach, in the parks or the backyard and by fun of course I mean knit!  Hahahahahahahaaaa I know you saw that coming. 

This weekend was full to the top for me and I had a blast. I went to a concert on Friday (knit while my girlfriend drove) Saturday after cooking class ( couldn’t knit in the kitchen 😐 but you can call me Chef GG)

I had a family gathering as my great Aunt was in town and I hadn’t seen her in a bit. We ate, we laughed, I knit 👀 what? 


Look y’all saw my favorite T-shirt and it’s says “if I’m sitting I’m knitting” and that is a FACT baby!  Honestly it’s such a conversation starter. I can’t tell you how many folks sat down next to me and either said they knit or wanted to learn. I heard stories of being taught by grandmothers long gone or the favorite camp counselor. The presence of yarn generated such warm memories. I even got questions about my circular needles, so yes I knit everywhere I go, don’t you? 

I am currently working on the footlooseandfancyfree poncho from Three Irish Girls. I grabbed the kit during the NJ Woolwalk from Do Ewe Knit? The kit comes with the DK weight yarn in four different shades, it graduates from darkest to lightest with some textured business in between 😋


Is there a place that you will NOT knit? Let’s discuss oh and Worldwide Knit in public day is June 13th and I will be in Bryant Park in NYC. Say hi if you will be out there

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on


IMG_5345 IMG_5352 IMG_5357 IMG_5360Spring Fever by Amy Miller

Once upon a time….

There was a girl and her big ass striped wrap….hahahahahahahaa!! Guys I finished it…it is currently blocking but I did it baby! Can I tell you guys how many times I have looked at a wrap like this and instantly told myself: You can’t do that! and honestly I have no idea why. I mean I can knit and I can purl..and you know what I have done them together in the past…so clueless am I.

I think it’s because knitting just looks so polished and professional that I would look at these projects on Ravelry and talk myself out of it. Well honey, THAT foolishness is ancient history..starting now!! Because I finished my wrap, I finished my wrap!! (you have to sing that part) LOL!

The pattern as I have mentioned in previous post is free and it comes from the Spring Forward collection by Plucky Knitter. This pattern is called Spring Fever by Amy Miller and it’s simply stockinette stitch but the affect of the color changes was like pure adrenaline in my veins. The closer I got to the finish line the harder it got for me to put it down.

I mean I would be on conference calls at work, all but frozen if it wasn’t for my wrap. Yup I was wearing it and knitting it at the same damn time


I kicked off my holiday weekend at a cookout Friday night and yup you guessed it..I was knitting. I mean how could I not, it was chilly out, so it kept me warm…AND then the home I was in happened to be the perfect place to snap a pic. hahahahahahaahahaahahahaaaa! Yup I sure did, my shawl/wrap/big ass scarf thingy made that chair look good!!


Every one keeps saying I knit fast, HA this thing took me 19 days to finish O-o! For me that is a lifetime. Remember I am team chunky, get er done in a day or two type chic, which is another reason I ran away from these type of projects. The needles are small and the yarn is small and it’s 480 rows of Stockinette, back n forth over 135 stitches! Ain’t nobody got time for that, right? WRONG! I am so very happy that I invested the time and in the yarn to make this big ass scarf. LOL! I have to find a name for her…because this is Bae right here.(that’s what the young kids call those they love, I trying to be cool) hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!  I promise she will be worn all year round. It’s so very soft and the colors, OMGawd the colors!! The yarn as noted previously is from Nice & Knit and it is 100% of the softest merino wool..YUP I am in love!

I can’t thank Karen, the owner of Do Ewe Knit? enough for introducing me to this yarn and for selecting colors she knew I would love. This was us posing after the colors were selected. This is the “damn we bad”face! hahahaahahahahaaaa


I am telling you I am super duper happy with this project. I am on my way to my girlfriends house and we are going to take pics.LOL! So stay tuned. Below is me as soon as it was done. Can you see the sheer joy in my face?

<p><a href=”″>Spring Fever</a> from <a href=”″>Gaye Glasspie</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on


I finished….

So about that Broadband shawl by JumperCableKnitting Designs. I saw the pattern on Ravelry and instantly sent a note telling the designer she has done it again. I absolutely adore her designs..she gets me. My very first shawl was her design, the Groovy. She was the first “I can’t do that, but I want to try it” pattern. LOL! You can see her work here and don’t blame me when you want to purchase ALL the patterns. Well imagine my surprise when she “GAVE” me the pattern. Woot Woot!! Get it!! I couldn’t wait to cast on. I checked my stash and I had some Biography from Fable Fibers that was waiting to dazzle me and oh by did I pick the right yarn.

2015-04-28 21.24.00 2015-05-03 15.40.07

I truly enjoyed watching this baby come to life….I love the clever construction of the wedges, the subtle hint of texture and the eyelets, I absolutely adore this pattern. You all know I am a chunky monkey when it comes to yarn size, but I could do this, I actually enjoyed this gauge. Wet blocking truly set this piece free…it’s so light and has a beautiful drape…I just had to sit on the porch and let the nice spring breeze flow over it! 20150504_164250

20150504_165206I can easily say this is one of my favorites..not just because of the color either. :p

20150504_164137 20150504_165322 20150504_164147Knit on my fiber friends…knit on



last year while in the Philippines I made my very first Carasan pattern, it is called Madyson Caplet. This project can be seen here and it was my first time working with felt and I loved it! The designer is the one and only Terri Rosenthal and I had the honor of meeting her during Vogue Knitting Live in Time square. We not only met but had the chance to do dinner, who was beaming? I was and still am.  😋


Anyway, she posted one of her upcoming designs and I literally drooled on my iPad. Omg it had bobbles on it! I have been dying to learn bobbles, I mean I could crochet them without issue but knitted, NOPE. Lol I have no idea why I allow things to scare me into avoidance. I guess I am a low key punk 🙊 shhhh don’t tell okay?

So after I slobbed all over her post she was gracious enough to share the pattern 💃 and I have just the yarn too. Wait did I say the pattern called for bulky yarn? 😍😋 I decided to use the Koigu bulky that I snagged at VKL. The color way is 22b which is a fun burst of bright colors, blended to perfection. 

Annabelle is a delightful project, one that kept me on my toes with the cables and bobbles, and works up quickly! It’s a cowl/caplet, but for me it’s more cowl..I am so very blessed in the chest 😳. The design gives a nice amount of tenure without being busy and works well with tha variegated yarn I selected. 

One of the days I was working on it in the laundry mat and I forgot my cable needle, humph you can’t and won’t stop me from finishing my project catslapit! I used my eye liner 👀 what? You gotta do whatcha gotta do and I did! 😋 



Annabelle worked up quickly and after a nice bath and blocking she came to life. Prior to blocking I was afraid it would only be big enough for a cowl. I actually thought I had done something wrong, but block it baby, block it! Blocking is another technique that I use to avoid and I have no clue as to why. GG can be scary. This pattern will be available on her website soon. Who should knit this? I would say an advanced beginner (that’s me) 🙋as long as you can knit, purl and knit stitches together you should be fine. 


Knit on my fiber friends….knit on


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