Welcome to the Confessions of a Yarnho, My name is Gaye Glasspie aka GGmadeit aka GG and this is my blog; my fiber diary.  I am an almost 50  year old who fell in love with knitting late in life, like the last 4 to 5 years.  I am self taught via YouTube and some wonderfully friendly yarn stores. Here you will read about my addiction to yarn and knitting. I knit every day and if I am not knitting I am fondling yarn…wait I mean…well yeah I knit every day. I discovered knitting during a very challenging time in my life, knitting is my ride or die, my BFF, and my therapy. Knitting has also become the bridge into a world of wonderful people.

So sit back and hopefully enjoy. I love interacting with you guys so don’t be shy. If you are a social butterfly then you can follow me on FB, Instagram or Twitter the links are in the drop down.

Thanks for stopping in for a visit 🙂