The Confessions of a Yarnho

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Reasons to knit according to uh…Me!

I mean if you must have a have 10

The Confessions of a Yarnho

1. Because why not?
2. Because Downton Abbey will have it’s last season and I know I will see someone knit now, right?
3. Because YouTube shows you how and when a tutorial exists and you don’t do it. Go ahead, hang your head, shame on you

4. Because the sun rises and then it sets and someone can die yarn in those colors, so yea KNIT!
5. Because Ryan Gosling is fine as frog hairs and apparently it turns him on #heygirl
6. Because On Twitter…there is a hashtag so it’s required #knitting
7. Because there are 7 days in a week
8. Because Vogue has a magazine and website dedicated to it…. So get your life together
9. Because my mother would crawl out of her grave if I publicly admitted I was a hooker
10. Because they do it on Orange is the new Black, and YOU are…

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Fall Back | A new collection from The Plucky Knitter

Thought of the day: Thursday Edition

For me this is the gospel truth in so many aspects of my life. I have allowed FEAR to serve as a detour, but no more. On the other side of fear was my own website, GGMADEIT.COM. I won’t tell you I have been paying for the domain for over a year…because fear. 

So let’s bring this thought, if you will, into our love of knitting or crocheting. What technique, or project lies on the dark side of your heart. What pattern do you stalk on Ravelry, but have convinced yourself you can’t do because fear. You never even attempted Gaye, yet you are SURE you can’t do it 😳 lol yes this blog is my public diary, I am talking to myself in hopes that it helps someone else. I mean me first of course, but I digress, what haven’t you tried? 

For me double knitting and what I deem a real sweater! Lol I know that sounds silly, but you guys have heard me say before how sweater knitting intimidates me. But catslapit, I’m gonna make me a real sweater and even though this double knitting might kill me, dang it I’m doing it. Hell my project on a Ravelry is full of “I can’t” projects. 

What’s on the other side of fear for you? Let’s talk

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on


Thought of the day

I was on Periscope and a blogger said this  

And I agree 100% what do you think? Let’s discuss


WIP Wednesday 

For the first time ever I have more than what WIP going 😱 and it’s driving me insane. I have to finish something before I can go on to the next but I this baby blanket 👀 had to be cast on. Ugh why did I agree to do this????

I don’t like doing blankets anymore so I figured I would try something new and maybe that would keep me motivated. I decided to try my hand at double knitting and talk about a snails pace 😮 but I’m proud of myself for trying. The yarn is red heart as I am always nervous when knitting for newborns

I also have my profusion on the needles and it almost to to start decreasing. I am using Frabjous Fibers and the leftover Nice & Knit. This has become my travel with me project and I’m hoping to bind off soon.

Then there is my pillow gone wrong with this beautiful Merino from The BagSmith. Did you get some yet? I am dedicating a day to get that done soon. I am starting to feel human again so I should  be able to fly through it because right now all I have is ….. 😒

What are you working on?

Knit in my fiber friends…knit on



If at first you don’t succeed, rip it and try again

So that whole trying to create when you are coughing your head off, yea don’t do it! 😐

I haven’t been feeling good at all, but me being me I knit anyway right? Well yea I do but the question is should I? And to that say a big ole loud NOPE!

I have some beautiful BagSmith Merino, some Jul leather closures and I am working on making pillows, not a mess! I was all excited and was so sure I was done but either I was drunk from allergy medicine or I just can’t measure. The pillow insert was way to small or my mess was just that..A Mess!  Nothing annoys me more than when I am the cause of an issue.


I absolutely hate when something doesn’t work because of me and my #teamlazy approach. So I can’t believe I am about to type this but….there is a time to NOT knit! Yea you read that right. I should have just laid my sick tail in the bed. But no, I can cough and knit. Yea, more like I can sing and rip because I had no choice but to sing as I wound the largest ball of yarn ever. LOL and I can’t be mad. So come on and sing with me. 🎤Rip it Baby, Rip it right, Rip it all night.🎤 Yup I had to take it out and try that again. Hahahahahahahahaaa! So I am back to the drawing board.

I am still not 100% but I am better than I was, and it is big knitting so I can do this in an hour or so then lay down, right?

How are you spending your long weekend?

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on


Summer 2015: A Recap

Is it really labor day weekend? Where did the summer go? I swear it was June 1st yesterday, wasn’t it? I only went swimming once, wait summer don’t go!!! LOL so in honor of Labor day, I decided to do a recap of my fiber filled summer. Because even though the temperature was hot, around here, the knitting didn’t stop!

Technically it was late spring when I finished my Spring Fever by Amy Miller, but talking about kicking off the season with something lightweight and totally out of character for me, yea I did that! I am very proud of my wrap and I am certain folks are tired of looking at it, because YUP everyday I had to go into the office…LOL! IMG_5087those 8 skeins turned into what has to be in my top 10 projects! This project was simple to do, it’s all stockinette, which could bore you to tears…but them color changes kept it fun! I weaved as I went along so no annoying ends to do when I was done. IMG_5335

Then I had the pleasure of participating in WWKIP Day in NYC! Wow what sensory stimulation..the sights, the sounds and the feel of all the wonderful yarn. Yea at this event it is encouraged to touch strangers, heck to rub and squeeze! hahahahahahah AND  the weather was perfect! I am so very happy my daughter drove me over.

IMG_5765I had a blast, and met some pretty cool new fiber friends. I even got to strut my stuff in the fashion show! Hhahahahahahahaaa I was working on my Shades of grey and everyone loved it! #proudmoment.  You all remember the Shades of Grey Poncho right? The one I fell in love with during the NJWoolwalk when I was at Do Ewe Knit?IMG_5889

AND then I had the honor of being asked to test knit for Taiga Hilliard. I did 3 super bulky shawls for her that I have grown to love. You guy tired of those pics yet? I’m not! hahahahahahahahaaa

Gaye Glasspie of GGMadeIt modeling knitwear for PattyMac Photos as photographed by Patty McGuire
Gaye Glasspie of GGMadeIt modeling knitwear for PattyMac Photos as photographed by Patty McGuire
Gaye Glasspie of GGMadeIt modeling knitwear for PattyMac Photos as photographed by Patty McGuire
Gaye Glasspie of GGMadeIt modeling knitwear for PattyMac Photos as photographed by Patty McGuire
Gaye Glasspie of GGMadeIt modeling knitwear for PattyMac Photos as photographed by Patty McGuire
Gaye Glasspie of GGMadeIt modeling knitwear for PattyMac Photos as photographed by Patty McGuire

AND to top off the lovely patterns I had the honor of being photographed by an amazing photographer. I was in VA for family reunion and she lives in VA, so yea the rest is history! The one and only Patty McGuire, man when I tell you it was hot as hell out there. But she made me feel so comfortable and we just had a blast! The first time you see your work through someone else’s eyes, man o man, this was a super proud moment.


I got to meet the owner of Malabrigo yarns and won me a skien of Rasta! HA it absolutely can’t get better than that! I truly enjoyed my first visit to Argyle Yarns in Brooklyn.

Then to end the month of August I got to meet the owner of Anzula at her trunk show held at none other than Do Ewe Knit…one of my favorite yarn stores in Westfield NJ!


So yea it was hot but the knitting NEVER ever STOPS! I am a dedicated Yarnho!

I would also like to take this time to say thanks for reading and commenting. I read them all, sometimes multiple times lol no judging, remember? hahahahahahaahahahaaa

I welcome my favorite season of them all, come one Fall! It’s the season that is the home of my favorite color: Orange 😛 it is also when I knit the most, if there is such a time.

I hope your summers were filled with family, friends and fiber

Knit on my fiber friends….Knit on!


You never forget the first time….

You guys know what I mean, that first kiss, the first date, the first job, the first kid, come on I know you remember your first…whatever. Well in this case I am talking about my first luxury yarn purchase.  Way back when, February 22, 2013 to be exact, I found myself in Hoboken NJ, searching for Do Ewe Knit? I followed her on Facebook was super excited to learn her shop was in NJ! So to make a long story short she showed me some Orange yarn (Cantaloupe), that I touched and almost passed out. No seriously, it was so squishy that my knees buckled. THAT yarn was made by Anzula and called For Better or For Worsted and it is a sexy blend of 80%  Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere and 10% Nylon. When I see or hear the term “yarn porn” I instantly think of this.


Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.25.56 PM

Take your hand off that screen trying to touch my yarn….I see you! LOL I actually purchased two colors that day and couldn’t wait to use them.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.27.03 PM

The orange turned into a poncho that sold as fast as I cast off and was also my first attempt to do brioche.  The green (key lime) turned into a shawl that I screwed up but my daughter and I wear it proudly.

Desirée by Christina Stork and Leslie Barbazette
Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 9.22.41 PM
My Shawl gone wrong

That is when my love affair with Anzula began, so fast forward to this weekend. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner. I think her first name is Sabrina, it was so busy and crowded that I didn’t get to ask my normal nosey questions. But I betcha I got me a selfie though, yup I did! IMG_7160

So are you thinking how did this happen GG? Well Karen, of Do Ewe Knit hosted a trunk show. What is a trunk show GG? It is a event showcasing the yarn, all the yarn and beautiful samples of what you can make with said yarn!


Here I need to pause for a public announcement. I must thank Maureen Weaver-Arscott, who was kind enough to reach out and offer to go to the show together. We are basically neighbors, so she offered to drive, wasn’t that super kind? Thank you so much Maureen!


She got her yarn and was patient with me while I fondled all the yarn and tried on hats and took pictures and yea…she is a gem!

I don’t know what I enjoy the most, the yarn or the samples…I mean the samples will blow you away. If you are a nut like me, you want to make EVERYthing! RIGHT NOW! LOL! Look at all the things made from Anzula, one weight or another..Just a store packed to the rafter with Fiberlicious Candy!


IMG_7152 IMG_7142IMG_7140IMG_7126

I know what you are thinking, and the answer is NO I didn’t buy ALL the yarn. I tried on this hat and cowl set and I got yarn to make that, so there!

Roslindale-hat-cowl set by Tian Connaughton

I got orange, but you knew that and blue. I already told you guys I didn’t feel good and I was trying hard to mingle and hang out, but I was fading fast. It was an awesome fiber filled afternoon and I am happy I could participate. I will leave you with a few more pics so you can drool. LOL




Huh? the purple yarn? We will talk about that later, this is about Anzula right now, ok?



and finally what I brought home with me, 1 skein of For Better or For Worsted and 1 of It Could Be Worsted. The colors are Cornflower (blue) and Marigold (orange)


If you are looking to experience this sexy yarn, check your local yarn stores and you can thank me later.

Knit on my fiber friends…..knit on


Knit BIG: A list of my favorite FAT fibers

Ok I will confess…lazy is really a major factor in my love of #Fatfibers, but you already knew that right? I am so very sure I have proclaimed my position as the CEO of #teamlazy and I am sure I have given some of you positions as the VP and general manager! hahahahahahahahaaaa NO honestly, I simple love the instant gratification. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting down for a few hours and POW! Houston we have a FO (finished object)

Another thing I love with #Fatfibers is the dramatic presentation of the stitches, I mean don’t you? Wait did you say what is Fat Fiber GG? Well my friends I am referring to the weight of the yarn, bulky, super bulky and DAMN!! Yeah those yarns. Yarns that call for big ass needles like US50 and up, yea I said and up! There are some major needles out there. I know I introduced you to Go-Girl Knitting and her Giants so don’t act like that.

I woke up and realized it’s the last Saturday in August, which in my book means it’s FATFIBER time!!! So if you are looking for me I am in some yarn store squeezing the fat fibers…got it? GOOD!


So in no particular order I present to you a list of my favorite fat fibers

a sample of a few skiens I own
a sample of a few skiens I own
  1. The Bagsmith Big Stitch Merino Yarn Bumps – on the site it says “Our Big Stitch Merino Bumps are made of pure US 94% merino wool and 6% nylon and crafted in a small mill in Ohio.  Each bump contains 125 yards and is 40 oz.” I say holy cow!!  I have fell in love with these bumps at Stitches East a few years back in Connecticut. I don’t know what I love most the owner or the yarn. Shhh don’t tell her I think the bumps win. LOL honestly one of my favorite ponchos was made with this yarn. If you are a fat fiber lover, add this to your wish list. YOU MUST!
  2. Malabrigo Rasta – on the site they say “A lightly-fulled single-ply yarn of magnum proportions! “ and I say if you haven’t tried Rasta you haven’t lived, PERIOD! The colors, SMH, they are unique..I can pic RASTA out of a crowd ANYday!! I mean you know I know the owner right? You saw that Selfie we took..that’s my friend!
  3. Madelinetosh A S A P – they say “A.S.A.P is perfect for last minute accessories, and heavy sweaters you’ll complete with quick satisfaction.” I say get you some ASAP! The colors are heavenly, the stitch definition is to die for..I mean it’s Tosh for goodness sakes.
  4. The Plucky Knitter Snug – is a 70/20/10 blends of fiber sexiness. OMG this yarn is hard to obtain, but oh so worth it! I have a very little bit left and damn it I will make something out of it, watch me!
  5. Brown Sheep Burly Spun – lol on the site it says “At 132 yards in 8 ounces of yarn, this yarn is the “Fastest in the West.”  and they ain’t never lied! Another yarn I grab anytime I can, wait have you seen the huge shawl I made with this? LOL blame it on Stephen West
  6. Koigu Bulky – I had the honor of grabbing this baby at Vogue Knitting and I think it was just being released. Yea I used my workers badge to get in before the crowd and snag me a skien or two. What?
  7. Wool and the Gang Sexy Crazy Wool – I mean the name along says buy me NOW! Oh and if you haven’t gotten a package from WATG you have yet to live. Do it!
  8. Freia Handpaint Yarns – I was introduced to this marvelous company while attending the Stephen and Steven tour. Stevebe had a sample during the trunk show and yea I had to have it! AND Karen at Do Ewe Knit, my yarn pimp, yea she keeps it in stock for me!
  9. Araucania Azapa – one of my very first purchases from an actual yarn store. This yarn will always have a place in my heart, I miss Knitknack!
  10. Blue Moon Fibers De-vine – oh my when I first discovered Socks That Rock, of course I walked away’s not Fat right? WRONG..I stumbled over De-Vine and the rest is history!
  11. Cascade Yarns Baby Alpaca Chunky – I touched this yarn and said “wait what?” it is like the most unbelievably soft to the touch yarn ever!
  12. Cascade Yarns Magnum – I mean the name says Magnum don’t it!
  13. Tjockt Fat & Sassy – I mean the name alone get this sexy yarn on my list!

I would be totally wrong if I didn’t mention some of my first loves. Like Lion Brand Thick & Quick, Cozy Wool from Michaels or my first fat fiber experience Luxary Yarns.  I mean this list could and should go on and on, but I will stop and let you all join in. I have to come back with my favorite indie dyers list, because well I am a yarnho!

Do you love the fat fibers? What are you favorites? Let’s discuss

Note: if you need examples of these yarns all worked up check out my page on RAVELRY or join me in Facebook

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on!


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