I know it’s not Friday but I haven’t done one of these posts in a bit, so here it goes. I wanted to share a few of my favorite things…and by that I mean those things I grab most often, here lately.


Starting from the bottom left

  • Bag Smith Big Bump Merino in the new shade of Emerald! You can see all of the other colors here.  I know I don’t need to give you a why here right? Well what about a hashtag #teamlazy #teaminstantgratification #teamgeterdone. If you do need a reason, well the first bump is $150 and $135 for each additional an one bump made my beloved Topper, yup it’s a favorite.
  • Ban.do 17 month Agenda that I already told you about on a previous post. Guys I have had a few days to spend time with this planner and yup I LOVE IT!  I know I have all of my electronics for reminders and notes and such, but this thing is so flipping cute, did I show you the stickers? It retails for $20 and is worth every penny.
  • Samsung Galaxy Camera with the 21x zoom and bluetooth capabilities. Yea that stays in the bag. I mean I can instantly upload to instagram AND edit it before said upload. Oh it’s a winner. It is perfect when I don’t feel like kidnapping Shelbey’s DLSR. I have had it for a bit now and I caught a sale.
  • Jul leather closures, the ones I grab when ever I see them!! Yes that take any project and push it over the edge. Definitely a go to of mine and they have multiple options, check it out. They range in price from $25 – $45 from what I saw.
  • I absolutely love my tags from Autumnindingohome shop on Etsy. They just make my packages look professional.
  • The knit kit, listen I have two ok! I keep this thing with me. It is everything you need for mobile knitting. The website has a list of places you can purchase.
  • My lamb pendant, I swear I have to remind myself to take it off. LOL! I got it from Furls Crochet and look it’s on sale right now.
  • My Mixed tape stitch markers. Guys I keep trying to get them to sell them, but I got them on the tour this year. I heard they may do another, and THEY are Stephen West and Steven Be
  • My Brickbubble Ultra Suede garment tags are just….they make me feel awesome! I am like “yea, I made that!!” and my products look good too  hahahahahahahahaa
  • My big Sewing needle from the BagSmith is REQUIRED! When I first got it I said I was gonna wear it as jewelry, but when I tell you it gets a work out..because LAZY! lol
  • Last but not lease my “Knitting is the new Black” project bag from Knerdshop, by way of Do Ewe Knit. I plan to do a giveaway with the launch of my website, because you guys ROCK! So make sure you are following here so you don’t miss anything

Now you know I have many more, but these things have been front and center as of late. Do you have favorites that you use ALL the time? Let’s discuss.

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on