You look down and there is the end of the skein, YIKES!!


Yes I look like Beyonce when I am scared, don’t you? hahahahahahahahahaa As you all know I have been on a Stephen & Steven kick all week. I did the Westknits Boneyard Shawl and I had to do something from StevenBe and I opted for the Figichini, because well…it’s done with super bulky yarn and US19swink

During the tour I was lucky enough to get my hands on some Freia Super Bulky yarn in the color way Flare, because Figichini. I had it on in this picture with the man himself. Steven said I needed 3 skeins of Freia SB so that is what I purchased. Yea I know I am working on my Touring Cape, but this was a quick and dirty project and I couldn’t wait to cast on. No judging remember?


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am always afraid of running out of yarn, so when I started, I instantly felt like I might not make it. It just didn’t seem like 3 skeins would be enough. I even reached out to his assistant Claire, because once I start I MUST finish and if I didn’t have enough yarn, da hell was I suppose to do then?? Yup ALL of that went through my brain in like 10 seconds flat. There is why poor Claire got my frantic cry via text while she was in the middle of another tour. NOTE: that is Claire in the picture on the pattern. I heart her!


Here is how you know I was truly in a panic…I actually measured my stitches and I NEVER ever do that! I mean dayumit I just learned to just keep knitting right? No fear in knitting right? WRONG I was in full on meltdown mode. Would I have enough to bind off and seam? Would it fit over these big breast I own? OH GOD they were heading to Canada next and this yarn was exclusive to the tour I think. *throws myself on the floor* UGGGGG Knitting was suppose to be fun and relaxing but this part right here…Jesus be some more yarn, because I need you here and now!


Jesus came threw…hahahahaha well actually I had Claire count the stitches on the sample to confirm that I had enough yardage to finish.  I am going to get one more skein because I want to pick up stitches and complete the neck, although it works just like it is. This yarn is something like sex! Fifty shades of soft! hahahahahaahahahahahahaha. Can you tell I loved this yarn just a wee bit? Oh yea and it fit over the girls! hahahahahahahahaaa_MG_6854


Happy I love you day!!

Knit on my fiber friends, knit on