Day 3 of Mixed Tape Tour at Do Ewe Knit? in Westfield NJ and I couldn’t wait. The weatherman said it was supposed to snow/rain/sleet and I prayed it wasn’t bad, because who was about to slide down the Garden State Parkway? Yup that would be me. The roads weren’t bad, but the traffic…ugh!! So I was late but I so I needed another dose of them, they rejuvenated my creative juices in a way that I can’t explain. The class was led by Stephen West and it was all about Top down Shawls.

When you sign up for these classes you have homework and for this class we had to bring the yarn and needles we wanted to use. I, of course pulled out the big guns, yes I did. I was the only one with super bulky yarn and big fat needles. I choose my Burly Spun and my US50 needles, bring it on baby.

Mr West guided us through the cast on, and the first increases and once I was clear what I needed to do, I got busy. What I learned was this…you know that cast on where you start with like 5 let’s say, you knit a few rows and then turn 90 degrees and pick up stitches? I could never do that, I just couldn’t visualize what  I was suppose to do, but I bet I got that thang down now. AND I was taught by knitting Icons.  Woo Hoo!!

IMG_3815I knew if I focused and just kept knitting I could finish before the class ended or shortly thereafter.  I so wanted to take a pic with them and my giant shawl. Everyone else was shopping and I was knitting my fingers off. I was determined you hear me. StevenBe stayed close and was full of creative suggestions, I swear I love them.


Mr West came over to show me his new vest and of course I needed to take a pic, so he grabbed my knitting. Listen to me..NO1 takes a pic better than this man. He is ALWAYS ready for his close up and I love it!



After the break, for them, not me..I had a shawl to finish. Stephen said 2015 would be the year of the short and he showed us his shorts. 20150210_112813Which led to questions about short rows and how everyone hates to wrap and turn. Did you know there was a dance? LOL you will NEVER forget how to wrap/turn and yarn over 

The rest of the morning was full of yarn,  inspiration and shopping. For me, well I was knitting, feverishly at times, but knitting none the less. I am so proud of myself. I didn’t auction off an organ so I could buy ALL the yarn! LOL!


As you saw by the cover photo yes I did finish my Shawl and I got my picture!! The icing on the cake was when I looked on Instagram and saw a comment from Mr West himself. I think I died a little bit. LOL



I am still recovering, I was so full of inspiration, that I was tired. Today I was tagged on Instagram because Mr West posted our pic on his page and called my shawl “Goliath” of course that is what I named it on Ravalry. The shawl is his Boneyard Shawl on steroids. LOL!

The last 3 days have been the best ever. Karen is the hostest with the mostest, nothing but fun at Do Ewe Knit?

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on