and finally finished my Figichini Woot Woot!  In a previous post I shared this project with you guys. I discovered this StevenBe jackpot and fell in love  during the Stephen & Steven tour. I was able to get another skein of the Knitwhits Freia Handpaints Super Bulky to finish the neckline. I decided on a collar so I improvised a bit from the original pattern.

I had to run to Youtube to find out how you pick up stitches. Can one of tell me why some call it pick up and knit and others simply say pick up? Is there a difference?


Here is what I did:

Picked up 38 stitches. I worked 3 x 3 ribbing until I got to the end and k2. I worked this ribbing back and forth until I got to 8 inches and finished my binding off in pattern.

I come from the time when standing your collar up made you look stylish and I haven’t let that go. I know I may be out of style..but I love my collar 😛 Does that make me old? Ha I don’t care I like it! Of course I used one of my Jul Design closure..yes I did.

IMG_4355LOL I am so sure folks walking past and see me on the porch posing with pjs on below and all dressed up top think I am a complete NUT!! hahahahahaaa

So what are you working on today?

Knit on my Fiber friends…knit on