Hey my fiber friends, you know I love to take you all along when I go to yarn stores and I went to a new one yesterday. Tracey Rivers, do you all remember her? She was featured on a Saturday Spotlight. She was generous enough to allow me to ride with her over to Brooklyn. I am afraid to drive in NY guys


The Argyle Yarn Shop is located in beautiful Park Slope Brooklyn and they hosted a Yarn Tasting featuring the always fabulous Malabrigo yarns AND the owner Mr Antonio Gonzalez-Arnao.


What is a yarn tasting you ask? Well let me answer…A yarn tasting allows you to try before you buy. So bring your needles and test drive some yarn that may be new to you. Doesn’t that sound fun? Yea it absolutely is!!! What made this event super special was the Q&A with Antonio. The owners of Argyle Yarn shop really did an awesome job, you had beverages, you had yarn, you had samples, you had sales, you had knitters galore and you had giveaways. I mean what more would you want? Oh and guess who won one of the prizes?  So if you are a yarn lover and in Brooklyn..make your way over there and show them some love.


Yup that would be me!! AND that is RASTA in my hands..my favorite!! Woo Hoo!! So the evening starts with some mingling, some shopping of course and then the q&a. You guys know I love a good window display and this shop nailed it! Look at those flowers


IMG_6673 IMG_6683 IMG_6692

Can I tell you this is heaven for me? I am in my element and with my people. I just absolutely love events like this. Ok so I posted the picture of me and my yarn and someone said “what is Rasta” Wait WHAT!!!  So let me tell you what I know about Malabrigo yarn (most of which I learned from listening to Antonio) I mean I can tell you that the yarn is a MUST, but I didn’t have facts..so here

1. The company is 10 years old (10 years of fiberlicious goodness)

2. The company was started by Antonio and his brother in law. Antonio is an architect and the business slowed down, so the birth of this fabulous company happened.

3. The grass is good in Uruguay. LOL that is what he said..so think better diet better body. Well that good grass is making the BOMB yarn!

4. The colors are done by Antonio who he is inspired by nature and did his first dye job in his kitchen using his wife’s soup pot. He shared that his wife fussed because now the soup would be blue! I love it!

So if you are new to Malabrigo here is the website and you can see all of the fabulous colors. If you follow me on Ravelry you have seen this yarn, because I use it often. They carry all weights and the pattern books they put out..listen, folks will fight you for them.  The latest one is called Book 8 in Central Park and featured a pattern by this talented woman that I had the pleasure of chatting with, the one and only Nancy Ricci of Getting Purly with it. Thank you Nancy for all of your kind words, they mattered. She almost made me cry yawl! Okay back to her design.  The pattern is called Bethesda and is made in Malabrigo Mecha which is bulky and well..it’s Malabrigo. Here is the link to the patternIMG_6695 As you can see I had a wonderful time. It was just an absolutely awesome evening. I won some yarn, I met some folks I admire and fell in love with that little girl there.

Oh and here is the latest editions to my stash. Thank you Tracey for my birthday gift which is featured in the title pic. Below is some Rasta, what I purchased (it was on sale guys) and what I won. Oh and the us19 DPN’s I had to…I just couldn’t leave them there.

IMG_6707 IMG_6706


knit on my fiber friends…knit on