Well that is what “they” say..whoever “they” are, lol! The other day my Shelbey and I went to Ikea to get her some new bed linens. She was kind enough to get her mommy a new set too. She is such a good soul :p


As you all know orange is a color that I like a little bit. As you can I did NOT get an orange duvet but I did want orange accents. So I picked up a 36×36 pillow and decided I would knit a cover.  NOW, I instantly thought I can just find a pattern on Ravelry right? WRONG and only because of the dimensions. I found plenty of patterns but not one for my sized pillow.

I found a site that helped with the math. You know that math that determines how many inches you want and how you determine the cast on number? The same math I should have done with my Helix striped cowl, you know what I am talking about right? The site I used can be found here it’s a blog called Knitting with Karma and the post is FABULOUS! The formula is inches x stitches per inch = cast on number.  I already know I need 36 inches I just had to figure out the stitches per inch, which meant, *insert horror film music* SWATCHING LOL what? You know I am the founding member of #teamlazyashell and the VP of #justletmeknit so that whole knitting of the baby square business is not for me, BUT I did it! Hell I had to, the label didn’t tell me..hahahahahaahahahaha. WHAT?? if it’s on the damn label NO I am not doing a swatch. They know what they are talking about.  Besides I was being a big girl knitter this time around damn it. So I wound my hank into a cake and got started.

IMG_4310 IMG_4313

The yarn, are you drooling? I know right…I got it from Vogue Knitting Live and it is called Fedderbrook Farm SUPER FLUFFY chunk. TUH, I had to get it! It’s bulky and it’s orange. SOLD! I did 2 swatches O-o yup you read it right..I did it twice. I am all mature and stuff! I used a us17 & 19 and the result was 2.5 stitches per inch on the smaller and 2 stitches per inch on the bigger needle. This is where you grab your phone to do the math 36 x 2.5 =90  or 36 x 2 = 72 and that is your cast on number. NOW can one of you tell me WHY I had been avoiding this? Not hard at all. They even give you the formula to determine the number of rows too: inches x rows per inch = #of rows. This post gives you tons of formulas so check it out!

I casted on and I feel good, but then I am like wait, do I have enough yarn? O_O


Knit on my fiber friends…knit on