For me this is the gospel truth in so many aspects of my life. I have allowed FEAR to serve as a detour, but no more. On the other side of fear was my own website, GGMADEIT.COM. I won’t tell you I have been paying for the domain for over a year…because fear. 

So let’s bring this thought, if you will, into our love of knitting or crocheting. What technique, or project lies on the dark side of your heart. What pattern do you stalk on Ravelry, but have convinced yourself you can’t do because fear. You never even attempted Gaye, yet you are SURE you can’t do it 😳 lol yes this blog is my public diary, I am talking to myself in hopes that it helps someone else. I mean me first of course, but I digress, what haven’t you tried? 

For me double knitting and what I deem a real sweater! Lol I know that sounds silly, but you guys have heard me say before how sweater knitting intimidates me. But catslapit, I’m gonna make me a real sweater and even though this double knitting might kill me, dang it I’m doing it. Hell my project on a Ravelry is full of “I can’t” projects. 

What’s on the other side of fear for you? Let’s talk

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on