For the first time ever I have more than what WIP going 😱 and it’s driving me insane. I have to finish something before I can go on to the next but I this baby blanket 👀 had to be cast on. Ugh why did I agree to do this????

I don’t like doing blankets anymore so I figured I would try something new and maybe that would keep me motivated. I decided to try my hand at double knitting and talk about a snails pace 😮 but I’m proud of myself for trying. The yarn is red heart as I am always nervous when knitting for newborns

I also have my profusion on the needles and it almost to to start decreasing. I am using Frabjous Fibers and the leftover Nice & Knit. This has become my travel with me project and I’m hoping to bind off soon.

Then there is my pillow gone wrong with this beautiful Merino from The BagSmith. Did you get some yet? I am dedicating a day to get that done soon. I am starting to feel human again so I should  be able to fly through it because right now all I have is ….. 😒

What are you working on?

Knit in my fiber friends…knit on