Ok I will confess…lazy is really a major factor in my love of #Fatfibers, but you already knew that right? I am so very sure I have proclaimed my position as the CEO of #teamlazy and I am sure I have given some of you positions as the VP and general manager! hahahahahahahahaaaa NO honestly, I simple love the instant gratification. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting down for a few hours and POW! Houston we have a FO (finished object)

Another thing I love with #Fatfibers is the dramatic presentation of the stitches, I mean don’t you? Wait did you say what is Fat Fiber GG? Well my friends I am referring to the weight of the yarn, bulky, super bulky and DAMN!! Yeah those yarns. Yarns that call for big ass needles like US50 and up, yea I said and up! There are some major needles out there. I know I introduced you to Go-Girl Knitting and her Giants so don’t act like that.

I woke up and realized it’s the last Saturday in August, which in my book means it’s FATFIBER time!!! So if you are looking for me I am in some yarn store squeezing the fat fibers…got it? GOOD!


So in no particular order I present to you a list of my favorite fat fibers

a sample of a few skiens I own
a sample of a few skiens I own
  1. The Bagsmith Big Stitch Merino Yarn Bumps – on the site it says “Our Big Stitch Merino Bumps are made of pure US 94% merino wool and 6% nylon and crafted in a small mill in Ohio.  Each bump contains 125 yards and is 40 oz.” I say holy cow!!  I have fell in love with these bumps at Stitches East a few years back in Connecticut. I don’t know what I love most the owner or the yarn. Shhh don’t tell her I think the bumps win. LOL honestly one of my favorite ponchos was made with this yarn. If you are a fat fiber lover, add this to your wish list. YOU MUST!
  2. Malabrigo Rasta – on the site they say “A lightly-fulled single-ply yarn of magnum proportions! “ and I say if you haven’t tried Rasta you haven’t lived, PERIOD! The colors, SMH, they are unique..I can pic RASTA out of a crowd ANYday!! I mean you know I know the owner right? You saw that Selfie we took..that’s my friend!
  3. Madelinetosh A S A P – they say “A.S.A.P is perfect for last minute accessories, and heavy sweaters you’ll complete with quick satisfaction.” I say get you some ASAP! The colors are heavenly, the stitch definition is to die for..I mean it’s Tosh for goodness sakes.
  4. The Plucky Knitter Snug – is a 70/20/10 blends of fiber sexiness. OMG this yarn is hard to obtain, but oh so worth it! I have a very little bit left and damn it I will make something out of it, watch me!
  5. Brown Sheep Burly Spun – lol on the site it says “At 132 yards in 8 ounces of yarn, this yarn is the “Fastest in the West.”  and they ain’t never lied! Another yarn I grab anytime I can, wait have you seen the huge shawl I made with this? LOL blame it on Stephen West
  6. Koigu Bulky – I had the honor of grabbing this baby at Vogue Knitting and I think it was just being released. Yea I used my workers badge to get in before the crowd and snag me a skien or two. What?
  7. Wool and the Gang Sexy Crazy Wool – I mean the name along says buy me NOW! Oh and if you haven’t gotten a package from WATG you have yet to live. Do it!
  8. Freia Handpaint Yarns – I was introduced to this marvelous company while attending the Stephen and Steven tour. Stevebe had a sample during the trunk show and yea I had to have it! AND Karen at Do Ewe Knit, my yarn pimp, yea she keeps it in stock for me!
  9. Araucania Azapa – one of my very first purchases from an actual yarn store. This yarn will always have a place in my heart, I miss Knitknack!
  10. Blue Moon Fibers De-vine – oh my when I first discovered Socks That Rock, of course I walked away because..it’s not Fat right? WRONG..I stumbled over De-Vine and the rest is history!
  11. Cascade Yarns Baby Alpaca Chunky – I touched this yarn and said “wait what?” it is like the most unbelievably soft to the touch yarn ever!
  12. Cascade Yarns Magnum – I mean the name says Magnum don’t it!
  13. Tjockt Fat & Sassy – I mean the name alone get this sexy yarn on my list!

I would be totally wrong if I didn’t mention some of my first loves. Like Lion Brand Thick & Quick, Cozy Wool from Michaels or my first fat fiber experience Luxary Yarns.  I mean this list could and should go on and on, but I will stop and let you all join in. I have to come back with my favorite indie dyers list, because well I am a yarnho!

Do you love the fat fibers? What are you favorites? Let’s discuss

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Knit on my fiber friends…knit on!