Today’s post comes from a place I rarely share, so bare with me my friends.

Most days while working from home I often listen to motivational scopes on Periscope. Side note: if you are on Twitter and are NOT on Periscope I need you to get it together. Live streaming the latest “thing” and it is feeding my hungry soul. OK so back to today. I have my daily must see scopes and BTW, I don’t always catch them live but I will watch the replay. So my day ALWAYS starts with Dr Walter Sims and when I tell you he sets me ablaze with his daily affirmations. Then there is Mr David Gibson, I have spoken of him often…love his energy and he ALWAY drops a good word in my ear. Today he said “Success must be intentional” POW! right in my face like always! But neither of them prompted this blog post.

This post is all because of Tina Moore Brown, I met her virtually on Doc Sims daily scope so when I can catch her I do. The title pulled me in because I am guilty. Β Comparison is good and bad, but for me it is mostly bad. Let me explain. I know you have read at least one post where I said I am a fairly new knitter and someone ALWAYS corrects me. GG has been knitting for close to 6 years now, what is new about that? That statement comes from me comparing myself to other “knitters”, folks I hold in high regard, you know that person you stalk on Ravelry? Yea..them! That comparing what I have made to that of someone else makes me question myself and when that happens I run, mentally, but run none the less.

I can honestly say I don’t blog as much because I look at other blogs and compare and find fault so I avoid. UGH I have to get better guys. If I don’t believe in me how can I expect anyone else to believe and/or follow me? My YouTube channel, same thing, I stopped doing video because so-n-so does better, or has more views, or has a better camera or is more attractive or blah, blah and the blah. Trust me I can fill in the blanks, because I can go on and on about what is not right, which in turn makes me avoid situations for fear of failure.

I won’t even talk about my ETSY shop..yup, comparing made me let that fall to the way side and for what? I really don’t have a good reason other than looking at others I just didn’t feel like I was doing as well or had enough folks liking my shop. UGH if only I could get out of my own head! I thank God for sending angels my way just when I need them. Yes I feel like Doc, David and Tina are all angels. The other angel happens to be family. My cousin Jackie, called wondering why nothing was in the shop because she needed a birthday gift Β I didn’t have a good answer, so I got to work and guess what? I sold 7 items in less than 24 hours. COMPARING is a confidence killer. No one has ever complained, I have no reason not to keep my shop stocked, not one!

So starting today, I am done with comparison. What is for me will be, I am not talking to myself, you guys are here and have been; therefore, I will write, I will share my fiber follies and yarn obsessions. I sure will, there is no reason for me not.

Can any of you relate? Has comparison killed your confidence? Let’s discuss

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on