Your family was close to calling 911 because you left your project bag in Pennsylvania, true story.  I saw a pic that Allfreeknitting posted and I had jump on the bandwagon. I know you know I don’t think one could ever knit too much. So what had happen was…IMG_7045


Saturday afternoon I jumped in the car and drove to Bushkill Pa, to see my god brother Carlton and his new family. It goes without saying that I don’t leave home with out my knitting. I mean, well I just don’t.  Once I arrived the mingling began and I didn’t get to take my knitting out, which is extremely rare for me, but I had a good time. It’s time to leave because I didn’t want to drive back in the I am saying my goodbyes and someone asked about my knitting.

IMG_7033 and the bragging began…of course I took out my WIP. Heck what crafter do you know that doesn’t love a good show and tell session? Anyway I give hugs and kisses all around and head back home. The drive is a little under 2 hours.

I get home and I make the obligatory “I made it home safely call” when I hear this “Gaye Gaye, you know that cowl you are making that you showed me?” I say “yes” smiling in anticipation of the forth coming compliment right? WRONG she goes on to say “it’s still here, you left and I got up to walk back in the house and it dropped out of my lap!”


Please understand I almost crashed!! If you could have seen me patting the seat next me, because I didn’t believe her. This HAD to be a cruel joke, that was NOT funny. How could I leave my precious yarn behind?? I didn’t even have anything to drink, so I can’t even say I was out of my mind.

Driving back up there alone in the dark, was not an option. Although I gave it serious consideration. So I came home and tried to just go to sleep and guys I am not exaggerating I could not go to sleep. I was truly sad


She called me back to let me know that she sent it home with her sister that doesn’t live too far from me. So crisis over, but you all know I was about to go to her house at 11pm to get my stuff!! LOL I really need help, because I couldn’t relax enough to sleep. Some folks do warm milk, I do a row or two. #sorrynotsorry

Have you ever left a project behind?

I hope your weekend was a good one

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on