If I could,  I would spend all of my free time in a yarn store. I would never, ever get bored. Why go to a yarn store? Is that what you said? WHY NOT? is my answer! My friends that don’t knit always look at me funny when I say I am going to the yarn store. Those closest to me know I have an apartment full of yarn, and think I don’t need anymore. Ha!! To that I say “whatever man”

Today I woke up with the yarn store as my goal and not to purchase yarn either. So why go you think, right? WRONG. Let me tell you at least 5 reasons I go to a yarn store, you ready? Let’s go….

5 Reasons to visit a Yarn store 

  1. The first and most obvious reason is YARN! But wait I feel the need to explain here. Until my good girl friend introduced me to a REAL yarn store, when I thought of getting yarn I ran to Michaels or A.C.moore. You see I had no idea these fiber sanctuaries existed. I didn’t know I could get up close and personal with Merino, Cotton, Silk, Linen, Alpaca and Cashmere. I mean who knew these fiber oasis were open to mere mortals like me. So yea if you love yarn..you NEED, MUST find yourself a Yarn store ASAP!
    Wonderland Yarns “pigments of imagination” in the color way Cheshire Cat 100% super wash merino

    For better or worsted by Anzula and luxury blend that includes cashmere
  2. The second reason I stalk, oops I mean visit a yarn store is inspiration. A true yarn store will have samples all around the store that are wallet magnets…wait I mean inspiring. The samples give you an idea of what all that yarn you purchased could look like once it’s knit or crocheted. You can try on said samples and fall ALL the way in love and refuse to leave the store without EVERYthing you need to re-create said sample. What? I have done that a time or two,three,four..well who is counting? I am inspired, no matter what yarn spa I walk into. There is almost always something hanging up that I MUST make NOW! Like today at Do Ewe Knit. I got to touch and feel the Cane Bay Wrap yup I must make it! Gonna go back and get the yarn next week. Look ain’t it nice? IMG_6917IMG_6923
  3. The third reason is help! That is the sole reason I went to the yarn store today is for help. My current WIP is all but done, but I couldn’t visualize the pattern instructions at all. I did what I thought it was telling me to do and was not happy at all. So I went to see Karen, the owner of Do Ewe Knit? and we brainstormed on how I could finish this pattern. Then more of her customers came in, which meant more help! You see why I LOVE visiting yarn stores?
  4. The fourth reason is new fiber friends! I have met some amazing folks in yarn stores. I mean I have met designers like Stephen West and Stephen Be in a yarn store. Amazing right? Yea it is and it seems like crafters are some of the kindest folks out there. I love to sit in a yarn store and just talk Ravelry or Rhinebeck, it is an experience that you have to be in, because someone telling you just doesn’t do it justice. I have yet to walk into a yarn store and leave without a new fiber friend 🙂IMG_6941 IMG_6940 IMG_4903 2015-04-18 11.39.08 2015-04-19 13.20.07
  5. The final reason is…yarn! But wait, new yarn, yarn I had never tried or heard of or touched or squished. Yes squished, you have to squeeze the yarn that’s a requirement. squishy and you have to say “it’s so squishy” while you are at it!  hahahahahahahahaa so like today for instance, I went for help right? Well Karen was preparing to stock some new yarn and the colors should be illegal. Like a shark to blood, my yarn radar went off. I tried not to open the package and molest the fiber, but I needed to know if it was worthy. It had to past the squish-test <—I made that up just now :p IMG_6920this Wonderland Yarn right here…O M Gee!!!! My fingers are not worthy, I needed to put on gloves, I mean,  I had to bring it home with me..just one pack. I see you looking at me sideways. This is a judge free zone!! hahahahahahahahahahahaha

BONUS: they have the cutest “other stuff” IMG_6934Now it’s your turn, do you have other reasons?

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on