I was just on Periscope listening to a young man named David Gibson. He calls his followers #dreamcatchers, he delivers inspirational scopes daily. Today was the first day I listened to him and listen to me…he said so many things that brought me to tears, but the one that rang loud and true for me was HOPE. He said HOPE = hold on pain ends and I instantly thought of my yarn and how I constantly hold on tight until the bad things past. Pain does end and I will keep knitting until it does.

He talked about self esteem. Man I know you all are going to say the same thing…”GG you are…” fill in the blank with whatever YOU think about me, but believe me when I say I don’t see what you all see. I am still learning to love me, to know that I am good enough, to know that I am worthy. I am being transparent as I type this, but I truly blush when you all say I am beautiful. My goal is to look in the mirror and say that and believe it!

He talked about fear. My GOD, FEAR has it’s hands firmly around my heart. Fear stopped me from starting a blog. I mean who would want to listen to me. Fear stopped me from starting an Etsy shop, I don’t knit well enough for someone to purchase it. I still haven’t done my own website, because FEAR!

I will end this here…I used the picture above because, I never thought I could make something like that…..

Hold On Pain Ends ~David Gibson