So listen here….I was in Virginia for a family reunion and I had a photo shoot. Yes lil old me had a session with a phenomenal photographer who also happens to knit. Her name is Patty McGuire and she is a beast behind that camera, yea I said beast and I mean it! She made me so comfortable I forgot about my fat! I felt pretty 💁🏽

Have you ever looked at something you made and thought “damn! I knit/crocheted/sewed the hell out of that!! Well that is exactly how I felt when she started sharing the pics.  #teamproudashell

I think I shared that I am test knitting for Cashmere Junkie, also known as Taiga Hillard designs; so I can’t share what I have been making, but baby when I do….look out because GG MADE THAT!!

You guys have seen my Spring Fever by Amy Miller but have you really? I mean L o o k 👀 I can’t thank Patty enough for bringing my passion to life.


 Stay tuned as I will share as soon as I can

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on