A typical day goes like this….

The aIarm goes off at 5:15 am and that whole hitting snooze thing is automatic for me, you see in those 9 minutes I turn over and think ” did I pack yarn to take with me?”

The alarm goes off again…I sit up and think ” if I get up I can knit a few rows before I leave” 👀 yup this is EVERYDAY! So the argument that I have with myself when I don’t get up in time, is straight comedy.

Me: brushing my teeth and mumbling, ” now I won’t be able to knit”

me: 👀 who’s fault is that?

Me: “I won’t go get breakfast, I’ll just knit a bit before my class starts”

me: 😏 “yea then you’ll have a headache and won’t be able knit later, just hurry up so you can knit and eat”

Me: 😊 “yea, that!”

True story.

So the other day, I failed and wound up with that headache because she will knit before she eats, what! Don’t you? I make it through the day but I amimage

Literally! And then YARN HAPPENS! I get so excited when I get yarn in the mail! O M GAWD!!  This lovely yarn comes from the BagSmith and just like that she is happy again! What headache? Yarn truly makes me happy!IMG_6167

These are the merino bumps  and you can get your own right here  they have a variety of colors. I am going to try my hand I designing something eek 😱 I’m excited and nervous

Then I get so wound up that I pass out right out

I am currently testing patterns so I don’t have anything to show you, well until the patterns are released that is 😋.

NOTE: the yarn I am drooling on is Madelinetosh ASAP 💁🏾

knit on my fiber friends..knit on