Today, while cruising through those mean streets of Facebook, one of the group members of the Knit & Chat asked where does everyone purchase the big needles like us35 and us50 and off I ran. I responded you can have one of mine…because yea..I have issues. Well two videos later…..LOL take a look see

And then folks started saying “do you have this? or do you have that?” and part 2 was born. All in one day. Hahahahahahahaha!

Can I tell you I am in my element when it comes to knitting. The true joy shines through and it’s evident in the notes I am getting from folks.

“you have an amazing smile and energy…they’re contagious!!! Even on really bad days, I can’t help but smile or LOL after seeing one of your posts. You have a beautiful spirit”

“It is an understatement to that say that you’re just phenomenal I really enjoy your blog”

“I love your videos!! I wish we lived closer”

You all will never EVER know how much love you pump back into me with the comments and private notes. It’s so easy being me, when I am accepted and appreciated.

Thank you…OH an NO judgement on my tools, ok?

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on!

~ GG