“When life presents a challenge I knit” that was true then and is true to this day. I mean it from my core when I say knitting has saved my life

The Confessions of a Yarnho

You all know I love to knit, and ultimately we knit to create. I learned to knit probably 4 or 5 years ago at this point..but in 2012 is when GGmadeit was born, it’s when I began knitting to save my life, it’s when I began knitting to avoid my fears, its when knitting became my therapy.

I woke up to a post on Instagram that rocked me to tears. Because it is Thursday we must THROWBACK in the form of pictures, so a friend posted a pic in one of my first sold pieces. She went on to “tell a story” and that story should be titled “Why I Knit..by Gaye Glasspie”

She said “I have a story to tell about this scarf/hat thing. Lol. The person who made this is so special to me. She started knitting at a time when everything was going wrong. She could have…

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