So a week or so ago, I was browsing these interstreets that we know as the internet, I can’t even tell you what I was looking for….but I can damn sure tell you what I found. Before I show you what I mean, let me say this…I have a tape measure in every dang project what I don’t need is another tape measure…..but, but, but just look at them..How could I not get them?

These things are like works of art. The surface is smooth and it has a decent weight to it, making it feel like an actual rock. If I had a complaint, and I don’t, it is that it doesn’t have that button thingy to retract it or the mechanism that makes it stay out. Does that make sense? Please stay tuned, as I purchased more than one and will be doing a give away, just because I “heart” you guys

Knit on my fiber friends….knit on