I am so serious when I say that, she MUST knit or…well it’s not pretty. As you all know, last weekend I finished my shades of gray poncho and didn’t have the next project prepared, that’s ok right? WRONG!  From now on I will have the next project ready and set to go because….


That’s me at work without a project 😳 talking about cranky? Woo weee I am no fun to be with if I can’t click my knitting sticks! The issue was, work! I am blessed but it was taking up my knitting prep time! Lol! I needed to wind the yarn or start something with yarn that was wound already. Insert the 100% silk yarn from Risoni. It’s called The Loom and I picked it up during the Wool Walk here in NJ.  


So I decided I would do a basic shawl and realized I needed help figuring out how to make the tails longer. I wanted some wrap time with the ends and I wasn’t sure how often I should increase. I also needed to know if I should increase every row or every other row; on both sides or just one. I had questions, 🙋🏾


Thank Goodness for the knitting community. I asked for help and they ran to the rescue. The yarn has these areas where it’s thicker and that I adore, that gives it character in my opinion. 


I held the yarn double and used a US15 needle and I still need to block it. It is done and I think I could have made the body wider, but for my attempt at winging it, I think I did good.  The large needles gives it an appearance of lace without actually doing that. I will block it and take more pics to see if it gives me more real estate. 


What are you all working on today? 

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on