Yesterday was World Wide knit in public day and I LOVED every second of it and here is why. To those that say “I knit in public all the time” you totally missed the benefit of this day. In a world where our cultural differences lead to violence and more often than not, death; the oneness of WWKIP renewed my faith in humanity.  The event was hosted by Knitty City in Bryant Park in the heart of NYC. The day was gorgeous and the yarn, well not only was it plentiful, it was also the string that tied us all together. When I tell you the warmth in my heart as I mingled with all walks of life was a  close competitor with the heat of the sun. When I tell you the hashtag #knitterunite has a totally new meaning to me now, listen here….when I say ALL walks of life..I mean it! Women, men, young, and old all with a singular creative soul. Everyone was creating, someway, somehow. We had knitters, crocheters, weavers, needle pointers (wait is that a word?) you get my point though. EVERYone was making something. Everyone was curious as to what you were making, everyone had a compliment to give, everyone was proud and boastful and it was ok!! This was the 10th anniversary of KIP day and over 56 countries participated with 882 events…AHMAZING!!!!

Check out some footage I captured, the day was an Awesome experience and I met some of the coolest folks.

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on