Hey fiber friends! I am so very sure I have told you how I adore The Bagsmith in previous posts; therefore, I know you will understand how excited I was to get a copy of the new book in the mail!!! Not only did I get the new book but also the materials to make the Chicago Poncho by Heather Dixon! Yahooooooooo!! Becca loves me back! lol! AND she sent my favorite color: ORANGE!!!

Ok let me calm down and talk about the book. I will start with the title Big Stitch Wearables: Adventures in Fat Fibers and Felts, well that whole FAT FiBER thing got me at the door! You all know , that although I have been clicking the smaller needles as of late, I am a FAT FIBER lover. I can not wait to put my poncho together. Ok Ok, the review…the book, which was edited and compiled by the lovely Becca Smith, includes 20 projects by 6 designers for only $21.00 bucks.  I am sure you will love all six designers and they are: Karen Clements, Heather Dixon, Julia Ramsey, Terri Rosenthal, Becca Smith and Susan Thompson. 

Now I have already made projects from Karen, Heather, Terri and Becca so only 2 out of 6 are new to me and I look forward to getting to know their design styles. As I did some research I absolutely know Ms Ramsey’s work..AHmazing!!  Adventures in Fat fibers is broken up into 3 categories; Scarves & Cowls, Caplets & Two Ponchos, A Cape and A Coat. You know I want to make them all right? The sounds that came from my sheer pleasure as I turned the pages, could have been mistaken as obscene. LOL I was/am really excited, no, like full on doing the happy dance excited!  These lovely items won’t take up too much time and will absolutely enhance your wardrobe as well as cause a scene. I imagine myself walking down the street in my poncho with Beyonce singing in the background. “World STOP! Carry on! hahahahahahaaaa!  As soon as I  start the Chicago Poncho and I will absolutely take you guys along for the ride. It will be short but pleasurable, I promise.


If you are a FAT FIBER lover, you need to add this to your collection.  Here is the Amazon link just in case you need to order ASAP 🙂

Stay tuned as I plan to start this as soon as I finish my current WIP that I am calling Shades of Gray

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on