June is here which means shortly we can officially claim summertime AND spend as much time as possible outdoors.  Summer is when folks spend the most time with friends and family. It’s the time to have fun on the beach, in the parks or the backyard and by fun of course I mean knit!  Hahahahahahahaaaa I know you saw that coming. 

This weekend was full to the top for me and I had a blast. I went to a concert on Friday (knit while my girlfriend drove) Saturday after cooking class ( couldn’t knit in the kitchen 😐 but you can call me Chef GG)

I had a family gathering as my great Aunt was in town and I hadn’t seen her in a bit. We ate, we laughed, I knit 👀 what? 


Look y’all saw my favorite T-shirt and it’s says “if I’m sitting I’m knitting” and that is a FACT baby!  Honestly it’s such a conversation starter. I can’t tell you how many folks sat down next to me and either said they knit or wanted to learn. I heard stories of being taught by grandmothers long gone or the favorite camp counselor. The presence of yarn generated such warm memories. I even got questions about my circular needles, so yes I knit everywhere I go, don’t you? 

I am currently working on the footlooseandfancyfree poncho from Three Irish Girls. I grabbed the kit during the NJ Woolwalk from Do Ewe Knit? The kit comes with the DK weight yarn in four different shades, it graduates from darkest to lightest with some textured business in between 😋


Is there a place that you will NOT knit? Let’s discuss oh and Worldwide Knit in public day is June 13th and I will be in Bryant Park in NYC. Say hi if you will be out there

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on