Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 7.21.55 AM this beauty is a part of the new collection from Plucky Knitter that I mentioned a few post ago.(photo credit:Pluckyknitter) It’s called Spring Fever and yes yes yes, I got!! You also know that I didn’t have the Plucky yarn ;/ so I  am using the Nice & Knit that I purchased (probably shouldn’t have, but you only live once right?) from Do Ewe Knit? Well it was time to cast on a new project because I need my knitting to get through mother’s day :/ RIP Mommy! So I pulled out the winder…I need an automatic one, because listen here O-o but I got it done and was able to cast on before I had to go to bed. Yes I said “had” because like a kid with a new toy, I wanted to stay up and knit. Damn being a responsible adult. LOL!

IMG_5087 IMG_5085these are the colors that I would have NEVER put together, thank goodness for yarn store owners like Karen…she knows what I like and when I tell you these colors together are just rich! My goodness. Of course I started with the orange 😛

IMG_5089 and went from there. You guys know I love a larger gauge but this works. This pattern calls for fingering weight and a US8, it is so doable. Can we talk about the material that is coming off these needles….can we just have a praise break? Thank you Jesus for creating animals that generate this fiber! Amen, Amen and Amen again. Ok back to the matter at hand.

IMG_5100 the pattern calls for 8 colors and it repeats each color 3 times, so a generous wrap/shawl/scarf thingy is what I will end up enjoying. When I tell you the sheer joy I experience with each color goodness I can’t stop, won’t stop knitting. The anticipation of what the next color will do to the overall project is like a rush I can’t explain. IMG_5110

With each color change I can hear Stephen & Steven talk about colors and how there are no rules. If you like em, use em! They also said you have to have a pop of color and I can admit that the hot pink was so out of place in my eye…but baby look at how it just works

IMG_5114 (1)Yes that will be me..the fool walking around with a wrap on in the summer time…YUP as soon as this puppy is it so WORN!!

So about this yarn..yea it’s from Nice & Knit which is run by 2 sisters Kara & Katie..they are my new BFF (best fiber friends) the fingering weight yarn is 100% super wash Merino wool and you get 490 yard per skein and the colors are just yummy. Okay you get what I am trying to tell you, I need to get a few more rows in before I have to leave the house.

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on