and new hairdos :p So my weekend started with me going to Yarn Dezvous because guess what? I won the in store raffle..Woot Woot Get it!!! I have been pretty lucky with the Woolwalk, last year I won from Do Ewe Knit and the year before that I won from Knit-A-Bit AND Patricia’s yarn. So yea I got the midas touch with the yarn. If only I could pick those winning Mega Millions digits…woo wee! Yarn for everyone!!  Okay let me get back on track..the winnings, yes..IMG_4894 IMG_4905

IMG_4897The prize was a Yarn Dezvous canvas bag filled with 3 skeins of Cascade Yarn. The yarn is Casablanca and the color way is #21, some folks are referring to it as denim. The bag also included 2 patterns one crochet called the Bonita Crocheted Openwork shawl and the other is knit, called Side to Side shrug. I left there and rushed to the salon to get my hair done. I know it’s not yarn related but as one of my wonderful fans on Facebook said..I do have a scarf around my neck. LOL AND I thought I was super cute. All dolled up and no place to go! HA!! I had a date with my main man Mr P (p=pillow)


Yesterday was the anniversary of my dad’s death and I was working on this shawl at the hospital the day he left me and I whenever I wear it I think of him. RIP daddy, you are truly missed.

Ok so today….I went to see Karen the owner of Do Ewe Knit? to show her how to use iMovie on her iPhone & iPad and of course there is yarn all over the can a girl focus with all that yarn?  I love the sign in front of her store

IMG_4942 ain’t that the truth ruth!! UGH! No more more yarn…well just a little more yarn. Guys I have no self control AT all. Lord knows I should have left that yarn in that store…but in my defense I got a discount and since I can’t get Plucky Knitter I am going to make the Spring Fever Shawl with Nice & Knit Fingering. Karen is the best with colors and she did a good job picking colors I would like. She knows me so very well.


Now I told you all about 2 Stix & a String, the yarn store in Jersey City that I went to for the first time during the Woolwalk. Well she is closing ;/ so I went there today because everything is 50% off and she had Rasta and ASAP and HOME all the good chunky funky yarn. If only I had a home with a room dedicated to my yarn….sigh, one can only dream. Anyway I got some yarn for my girlfriend and a wee bit for me. Insert cheesy grin, just a wee bit..honestly.

IMG_4956 IMG_4954So no more yarn…that’s it! See you all next time..oh wait..check out my new project bag O-O also NO MORE BAGS either! hahahahahahahaaa send help..she is out of control! Wait but the hearts though..did you all know I LOVE hearts! I mean I had to get it right? say it with me RIGHT!!!

IMG_4949Knit on my fiber friends…knit on