It’s almost time to travel through NJ visiting local yarn shops. NJ Woolwalk kicks off on Thursday April 16th through April 19th. What is the wool walk you ask? Well here is what the page says

The NJ Wool Walk is 4 days of fun and yarny goodness for knitters, crocheters, weavers and spinners.  14 shops are participating this year- each with their own style and ambiance.  There are participation prize baskets to win, and many shops will be offering other goodies, such as exclusive free patterns, trunk shows showcasing knitwear and yarns, and book signings by popular designers.

2 years ago this even was called the yarn crawl and boy or boy did I crawl to EVERY store. It was a fiber lover’s dream! My goal was  to support each location. I purchased tape measures, scissors, buttons, patterns..something, anything to support these magical places called Local Yarn shops. I can’t wait to see what these owners have in store!


This year you purchase your bag for $5 and your bag includes your passport which you much get stamped at each store you visit. According to the site there will be 3 grand prizes. How awesome is that!!

This year the plan is to be strategic and get only what I need. Wait, I don’t NEED any yarn, but I want to get enough to make Calla by Jumpercableknitting. See that’s a plan right? LOL honestly I plan on not just going in these stores all out of control. I will be a controlled over spender  shopper. Here is the list of the participating shops. 14 different stores throughout the state! I am so very excited! I will absolutely come back with my review.

Are you in Jersey? Will you be attending? Please say hi if you see me.

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