please don’t get me wrong, I am so very grateful to be working BUT all crazy people need their meds. My knitting is my medication and when I am not taking my meds I am so NOT responsible for what happens 👀

I will have a post about my tank top soon, I just need to block it, finish up the arm holes and take pics.  I wanted to make this shawl next  and have the perfect yarn but….

I have NOT had time to wind the yarn because: LIFE! So I am feeling some type of way. 😒  I casted on another Silk ‘N Scribbles shawl  because that yarn was wound and ready to go.  I am not playing! I MUST knit or it gets ugly fast. I’m sitting at work with an attitude right now! 😒


This weekend is pretty much locked up. Imma need to start sending this to folks  

 is that sad that I would rather spend time knitting then out socializing? Well how bout if it is too bad! 😈 I like what I like and everyone needs to fall in line; including my boss. Got me stressing the hell out! Besides I’m too cute to frown! #sorrynotsorry


Happy Friday y’all 😋

Knit on my fiber friends… Knit on