Your WIP is coming into form. Guys please know that every compliment lands smack in the middle of my heart and I appreciate you all, but, in my eyes I am still new at this knitting thing. I am still learning, I am still afraid to try and I still tell myself “girl you can’t make that!” SOO when I do exactly that!! I am overwhelmed with a sense of pride.

Last year if not prior, I ordered this cotton tank top to make for my daughter from The Yarn Company. It was an exclusive kit that came with the pattern and the yarn. The pattern is called Irini’s Summer Seas Tank by Irina Polidnenko. The yarn is the Soft Cotton from Tahki Stacy Charles Yarn.



When I first saw it I figured I could do it, I got the pattern and ran in the other direction; therefore it has been sitting in my stash for quite sometime. While stash diving the other day I came across it and figured I’d give it a try. IMG_4620

I was so afraid of the holes and they are quite easy to create. I tell you that mind is powerful! It is a FACT that what I tell myself I can’t do, I don’t do. Self talk it super important. I have to be my own voice of reason. This baby is working up very fast and nice..I am so very proud of the outcome. I have now finished the back and am now  working on the front.



The pattern is pretty easy to follow..a few places I could have used clearer explanation, but I figured it out. With each project I get a little better and I am so very proud of that. Can any of you relate to that feeling?

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on