So I posted this pic in a knit group I belong to on Facebook saying how good it feels to be able to say “I made it” when someone asks about my knitwear. Ladies..this pic has gotten so many comments and about guess what?? My hair! hahahahahahah but NOT.


I was showing them my expression on my face when folk say where did you get that…that’s the “I made it smirk” But NOOOO, they wannna love up on the hair. I wanted to say look at the S C A R F dammit!!  THE SCARF!! This ain’t about Sasha (my hair) I had folks stating their hair is straight as straw and they would love my curls. I had some approach with the classic what do you use and how do you get your hair to curl like that, questions. I wanted to yell…”SERIOUSLY, Y’ALL DON’T SEE THAT BEAUTIFUL SCARF” around my damn neck…hair always stealing the show. Got me singing “It’s all about the scarf, no Curls!” in my Megan Trainor voice. :p


I told you all this one designer I ADORE..Terri Hampton-Rosenthal I met her at Vogue Knitting Live and I was having a fan moment. I was all introducing myself and telling her which of her patterns I made and she was like “GG! I would know those curls anywhere” well I’ll be jumped up and down! you don’t know my knitting though right? hahahahahaahahahahakhaha ‪#‎naturalhairrocks‬ #butmyknittingishot

That pic has 500+ likes and counting.  But  this pic with the scarf only has 100+ likes. I call foul on the play!


I am feeling some kinda way guys! I know you all are probably like but GG and I am like but my eye!! hahahahahaha My SCARF is ca-ute!! Now if I posted that pic in a hair group I would expect the hair comments. I think they hurt my feelings! hahahahahahaha Why won’t they look at my scarf? If I get one more alert saying that scarf is nice but that hair OMG!! NO! NO!! You OMG my scarf!! My scarf is  OMG worthy! hahahahaahahahahahaa


Here are the details on the scarf in case you are interested in THE SCARF!!! The pattern is Silk ‘N’ Scribbles by StevenBe the yarn I used was 1 skein of  Madelinetosh Home and like 1/2 skein of Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace held double. I used a us17 needle. I am absolutely going to do this again…this is such a great recipe for a beautiful end result! I love the texture that is created by working with the two different yarn weights


Ok rant over….

Knit on my fiber friends..knit on