the weekend was pretty quiet in regards to knitting.  I didn’t start a new project because I was focused on getting the honeycomb stitch right.  

I saw a video and wanted to try I out. All was going well until I came across one video that demonstrated honeycomb brioche stitch and the other simply said honeycomb

The Brioche version required knitting one below (k1b) and the other version required yarn overs (yo) and slipped stitches. So I decided to swatch both techniques for no other reason other than curiosity. Here is the end result 



Which one do you like best? Have you worked with either of these stitches? Let’s discuss in the comments.

So as you can I see I was basically minding my fiber business until I was invited into this knitting group on FB. Now I normally avoid these groups because I am allergic to nonsense 😒. But I went and looked around and this is where I spotted them. Have you guys seen them yet? Seen what you ask? The pajamas with the sheep and yarn from target? Lol you have to watch my video here and here 

Of course I went looking and they didn’t have any more wide ass sizes left so my heart was broke 😏. I came home and check on line 😾 who was supposed to tell me about these BEFORE they sold out every catslappin place? Huh? Who? 


Cue the closing scene from Waiting to exhale, when they are singing 🎤 That’s what friends are for🎤 my girlfriend found them 💃💃🙌😍 I was so happy as is evident in the video 👆up there. She got me the shorts and the pants! Woot woot! 


Aren’t they cute? Not only the sheep and the yarn but the heart between them just did it for me. I can’t wait to get them and put them on and model 😋

How was your weekend? 

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on