yesterday I came across this quote from Elizabeth Zimmerman

“Knit on with confidence and hope through all crisis” and to that I immediately added knit on through fear and doubt.

Last night as I was taking the garbage out, I hesitated just slightly because the rain and warmers temps created a misty fog from the melting snow. It was the classic horror movie scene and for a split second I was afraid. In that moment I quickly decided to just keep the garbage in house until daylight. Then I had to pull myself together and take the damn garbage to the dumpster. I ain’t no punk! Most days anyway 😋

My point here, is fear makes me pause, hesitate and even avoid things, situations, or tasks. Insert this last completed project: Baby Sweater open front/raglan sleeves.

What you tell yourself…is! In my case I will tell anyone that will listen that I cannot make a sweater. 😳 because in my head I can’t. It took my daughter to say “mommy! I thought you couldn’t make a sweater!” As I barreled my way through this baby cardigan 👀. The term raglan sleeve just sounded so not my level of knitting. So in classic GG style I avoided. I will scarf and cowl you to death, you hear me? Hmph, what color you want because I CAN do that!

As this little sweater came to life in my hands I realized that my greatest obstacle is me and my “you can’t do that train of thought” well I did it despite it all.


Am I alone here? Is there something you fear that you avoid? Let’s discuss

P.S. I have to block this and make a hat and booties to match.

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on