As you know that helix stitch had me hyped…so I grabbed some yarn and got started.  I absolutely love how the jobless stripes were coming to life..just the greatest thing ever.

IMG_4215Here is what I didn’t do: PREPARE. I started thinking I was doing a tube scarf and if that was the case why did I cast on so many? As I got going I realized it would more likely be a cowl. What I should have done was the math to figure out what size I wanted and then cast on..but not me and my fast ass. Everything has to be done now..I never slow down and prep. I cook the same way. I mix and taste…so please don’t ask me for a recipe. I will successfully piss you off. (my food taste good though)

I absolutely learned that I love the helix knitting and I will never NOT do my stripes this way. I am hooked. All those stripes and not a jog in sight. Awesome sauce!!  Even using four colors wasn’t as annoying as I could have been. I will absolutely revisit this technique.

IMG_4257So it came out a bit wide but the yarn is yummy. I used Cascade yarns Eco Duo in neutral shades. I don’t have the labels do I can’t tell you the exact colors, forgive me.  I mean it’s wide enough to wear over my head as a hood and if I was a bit more narrow it would fit over my shoulders. I am pleased with my knitting and stitch definition, I just need to work on sizing. I guess that is the design part that I want to master. Can you tell I don’t like math? You noticed right? LOL! Here is a time when math would have helped. I mean its not a total loss, just not what I was going for. I will absolutely wear it though, believe that.

Here are a few more pictures, what do you guys think?



When it’s all said and done, I am still learning. Thank you for taking the ride along with me.