Yesterday I said I would update the “I tried…” post when I got to the kitchener stitch, but I decided to do a post instead. Can we talk about how fast I run in the other direction when a pattern requires kitchener stitch? If I had to do the pattern, I would just punk out and do a regular seam.

What is the kitchener stitch you ask? Well it is also known as grafting, which is the act of connecting two separate pieces of knitting so that they are seamlessly connected by a row of stitches that you’ve created as you join the two pieces together as one AND usually calls for a provisional cast on. It’s done with a needle, so you are basically sewing the live stitches together.

IMG_4164 so what was I afraid of? Well the steps, every time I tried I had to look it up and stop/start the video just to get it done. So I have done it before, but wasn’t completely comfortable with my execution. When discomfort  happens I avoid.  Insert the Lucy Cowl, wait let me say that differently, insert the 100% cashmere cowl so yea bring on the Kitchener..I ain’t scared of you. Hahahahahahahahaa

So I did my normal YouTube search because this was kitchener in the round and I was a virgin.shocked I found a video from knit purl hunter on YouTube and she pretty much got me started. You can find the video here 

I know I am preaching to the choir but some projects just look better without a I rolled up my sleeves after watching the video 4, well maybe 5 times and let the games begin. I think I did ok. Practice makes perfect and I will definitely do it again.IMG_4196

The cowl came out pretty good and outside of the trained eye, I don’t think anyone will notice my not so prefect grafting.


I also tried the Helix technique of knitting stripes in the round and hot damn I love it!  That is another post so ok back to the Kitchener stitch, once I got a rhythm going it wasn’t so bad. It just a little awkward with the extra needles in the way, but I kept at it and didn’t give up. I found this image today and decided to print it out for the next time, because I will not run from this technique again.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 2.59.06 PM When doing it in the round the set up step is not required. I think I have to do as the picture says and chant while I am doing it. If you click the pic it will take you to the original post  with a pictorial in case you have never tried.

IMG_4178Psst…if you ever wanted to make a Cashmere something..check out Pepperberry Knits..her yarns are fab!!

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on