Yesterday at approximately  4pm I finished my yarn hollow headband. The day was basically over so I was good in reference to knitting, right?

Shelbey came home and we went to the mall to return some things, sat in the over crowded food court, ate and just chatted it up. The plan was to come home and grab the laptop and watch House of Cards. I did not have the next project in mind and that was cool. I could wait until today right?

How many different ways can I say WRONG? I was so distracted by the fact that I didn’t have anything to knit that I was restless. I mean I could binge watch HOC but who binge watches anything without having something knit to keep you company? I kept saying to myself “self, it’s not that serious, just turn on Netflix and let Frank and Claire entertain you”. Man listen, NONE of that ish worked. My soul was like “go to the mirror so you can see my face…you need to KNIT NOW!! or fall into the depth of your thoughts….AND You know that is not safe!” True story.

I kept eyeballing the bag that lives in my room, the bag that is spilling over with yarn. If my soul was in one ear, then lazy was in the other “you gone wind hanks at this hour? That’t not how any of this works” Ain’t that the the bag won and in it I went. BINGO!! I hit the jackpot…I forgot about the PepperBerry fun size cashmere skeins for the lucy cowl. (I’m going to call mine Frank and Claire, because House of Cards, whew!)


This bundle is 200 yards of  DK weight 100% cashmere YUMMY and in my opinion the most economical way to have a ALL cashmere cowl. All of Pepperberry Knits yarn is 100% cashmere, she even has bulky faint one of these days ya’ll…ONE OF THESE days. Anyway I could wind these little cuties by hand so I did. Now let’s get back to the fact that I REALLY tried not to knit. I mean it would only be a few hours and I could do it. FAIL!! But it felt good to fail..because outside of the provisional cast on and switching colors, this/was pretty much mindless knitting.


I did all of that, 7 colors, each color being 10 rows, last night while watching House of Cards. Between Frank and Claire and this cashmere, I thought I might never sleep. This pattern is free btw 🙂 and I have linked it above.  The pattern doesn’t tell you how to line up the colors the kit simply gives your 8 colors to creatively combine. This bundle I have is called Crazy Red Head. According to Ravelry the bundles come in 4 different colorways: Beachcomber, Artist, Urbanite and Crazy Red head.


Of course I am motivated to finish it because it’s snowing and I would love to take a pic in the snow. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha the challenge for me will be the kitchener stitch to close it up…I will update this post when I get there.

Happy Sunday family..are you crafting today?

Knit on my fiber friends..knit on