Over the last few days I have completed two projects with some absolutely yummy yarns. Yarn that was either the perfect color or just sinfully sexy and I had leftovers. Now is some cases like a big ole pot of spaghetti, leftovers are required. Why is spaghetti so damn good the next day? Ok back to the left over yarn..usually the yarn gets lost in the bottom of a project bag never to be seen or used again and I just couldn’t do that this time.

You already saw the hat I made with the left over Plucky Snug, which is getting tons of love on Ravelry I might add :). Even after the hat I still had yarn left. So I saw this head ban on LuckyHank and decided to make it. The “Twistin’ the Night Away” and I casted on right away. A quick knit that I cleverly included all three colors ;p

IMG_4120 IMG_4117Can you believe even after that I still have yarn left ahahahahahahahaahahaaa. I have to find something I can make with the remaining yarn because well it’s just to yummy to lay around IMG_4133 so if you think of something let me know. Okay? Thanks

Now onto the Touring Cape and that yummy Yarn Hollow TOR worsted. I basically had a skein leftover. So I started with a headband, because I absolutely love those things. The pattern for this one is called Hot Mess Headband lol but I have may enough left to make some boot toppers. At any rate I will not leave one strand behind..this yarn will be used..ALL of it!



What do you do with your left overs?

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on



UPDATE: I finished the headband