I need one of you guys to come and model for me. My daughter is running out of patience and some pieces just don’t work with a selfie. THAT is why it has taken me so long to reveal my Touring Cape by Margaret Craig.

I finished this more that a week ago. I blocked it and just was waiting for Shelbey to take some pics for me, yeah that didn’t happen so I grabbed the tripod and tried to take some pics of myself. All I succeeded in doing was confirming that I need to NOT eat ever again..ok back to the cape.

I love the simplicity of this rectangle, 2 colors, texture and a Jul closure. The combination creates something desirable, fashionable if you will and it’s merely a rectangle. THIS is why I love knitting, these designers are so very creative.

IMG_4125 As I shared previously I met the designer in her booth at Vklive in NYC last month. She has a page on Facebook under Heidi & Lana. I tried it on and fell in love. The pattern is well written and even has links to Youtube videos that demonstrate how to connect the two colors. I think I said before that this was a kit, the pattern, the Jul closures and the yarn.  The yarn comes from Yarn Hollow and is called Tor Worsted Superwash, and the colors are Mushroom and Rust. That probably was the more trying part trying to pick out the colors I wanted to use. I am, however, happy with the colors I chose.  I completed this in 10 days,  could have been sooner but the Stephen & Steven tour happened and well I got distracted.



This yarn drapes beautifully, especially after it was blocked. It also gives great stitch definition which is what makes this wrap appealing, the texture. I also love it because of the versatility. You have multiple options when it comes to how to wear this piece.  It measures in at 64 x 28 inches, so you have room to play. Wear the closure in the center, off center or even in the back, hell take the closer off and rock it as a scarf. You have possibilities with this piece. I think it’s perfect no matter which way you wear it.   Thank you Margaret for this wonderful pattern and for the yarn.  I love it and will wear it often.


IMG_4127 IMG_4128


What have you finished lately?

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on