On February 20th the labor began, the journey to birth..yes I said birth, because every time I make a piece I feel like I have  had a new baby. My projects are alive and have personalities, to me (no I am not clinically crazy). The patterns teach and motivate me as I go along. They need me to bring them to life. My latest project, the Sugarloaf cowl from the All Bundled Up Plucky Knitter collection, is now alive and kicking.

Remember I posted these pics, LOL don’t I look like I have a baby in my arms. That was the foreplay! hahahahahaahahahahaha and the knitting is the love making. I know you get me IMG_3933So the yarn we talked about, it is a bulky weight and is unbelievable squishy

squishy hahahahahahahaa that’s how I felt the entire time I was working with this yarn. It is an unbelievable blend of merino, cashmere and alpaca. The cowl works up very quickly. It includes techniques that I don’t normally do; the provisional cast on and the 3 needle bind off. This project made me realize those 2 techniques are not that bad. The yarn didn’t melt and my needles didn’t crumble..I moved along at a decent pace despite my doubts and apprehension.


IMG_4072One section is lace and the other is ribbing, just a magnificent pattern that is so freaking satisfying. I love my new baby. I loved the process of birthing her.  I couldn’t wait to show her off to you guys. This pattern also forced me to do something else I often avoid and that is blocking.



because the lace section works up a little wider than the ribbed section….I had to block and I am so very pleased with the outcome. Before I blocked it I could wrap it around my neck twice

IMG_4078After blocking I was able to wrap it three full times guys!! It’s generous just the way I love it! So I finished up and because the lace section and the contrasting connection didn’t require a lot of yarn I had left overs. So I decided to make a hat. I searched for a free pattern because: unemployment is real ;/ . I wasn’t successful so I found a pattern that called for bulky yarn so I could get the number to cast on and I ran with it.  Yea I cheated, so what!?

IMG_4096      IMG_4101 I had more of the gray color so I just played with the colors and this was the end result. Of course someone on my Facebook page asked for the pattern. Did I write it down? Of course not, smh.

I started the hat last night and got up and finished it this morning. I couldn’t wait to take pictures. I just love these colors together and I am so very happy they sold them as a kit, because I would have never put these colors together 😉






I am over the moon in love with my latest baby AND I am so proud of my “madeitupasIwent” hat. I need a name so I can put it on Ravelry. I think I told you all before I rarely have matching sets, well I have one now that I love. That’s mommy’s sugah! hahahahahahahahahaa

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on