Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see ~Mark Twain

I live in an apartment and my mail goes in the slot in my door. So because ole man winter is unusually cruel, I refused to get out of my warm bed. I would get it later,  but then I heard the quick “youhaveapackage” tap on the door. So I ran to the door because it’s cold 😒 and grab the package that’s for Shelbey right? WRONG it said Gaye AND it was from Nicole Frost 😱

Now I have talked about my pimp, I mean Nicole before she makes the yummiest hand painted, hand spun yarn you will ever get your hands on. You guys remember this sexy ass yarn below right? Yea she made that! 

So I’m in my head like “did I order something that I forgot about?”  Well you guys know one thing I will NOT do is forget about yarn. I rip the package open, because clearly it’s yarn 😜😋 and this letter falls out 

Can we discuss how unattractive I am when I cry? You haven’t seen ugly cry until you catch me totally off guard and the emotions take over. We also need to talk about unsolicited acts of kindness and notes. Who writes notes anymore? This will get framed btw, yup I’m keeping it.  Ok let me finish before I start crying again. Here is what she sent me, just because 

I am completely blown away, thank you just doesn’t seem like it’s enough. I wish I could hug her. 

Thank you Nicole!! 

Knit on my Fiber Friends…knit on