I am so green out here in these Knitting streets that some techniques I just do because that is what “they” said. You know what I mean, you don’t know “why” but you know how, so you simply do.  All of this applies to slipping that first stitch. I was taught that way and when I remember I always comply. Now I am currently working on Sugarloaf from the Plucky Knitter’s All Bundled Up collection. The pattern tells you to slip the first stitch and I don’t know why I never paid attention before, but my edge is BEAUTIFUL!

IMG_4035 IMG_4021


Do you slip the first stitch by design or out of habit? I am thinking I need to do it more often, now that I am paying attention to the outcome. I think I like it!

Oh and since everyone is asking, let me answer now. The stitch markers came from the Stephen and Steven tour. 🙂

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on