There are things that I love, that I also forget about. LOL Today I want to share one of those said things, that being the screw-in leather closures from Jul Designs. 

I finished my Touring Cape, woot woot!! A blog post coming as soon as it dries and I can take good pics, but the kit for this cape came with Jul closures. The mod loop leather closure and 2 pedestal buttons are included with the yarn to make the cape. This made me remember that I had some of these lovely closures in my stash. A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go hi ho the…wait I forgot the rest..but you know that song Bugs Bunny use to sing right? That! LOL I found them.

When I posted this pic last night, a few folks asked about the closure. I didn’t even think it was that visible, but wanted to blog about it so folks could see what the options were and get some because they are pretty awesome! Photo on 2-20-15 at 12.16 AMThe Mod loop leather closure is pictured below. What I love about these closures is you can easily change the positioning on your garment because they simple screw sewing baby!!! So you know I love them because, LAZY. As you can see they are very simple to attach, you simply remove the screws and the leather backs..position them onto the garment and replace the screw and POW! You just changed your handmade item from “oh that’s nice.” to “DAYUM you made that?!” and you can shake your head and say “yup, I sure did!” Hahahahahahahahahahaa



IMG_3972 IMG_3973


The supple leather and rich colors will be the star of your latest handmade accessory. I promise, you see how it was hardly visible in the picture but folks noticed it? Oh yea, eye catching for sure.  When I went on my seek and destroy mission I was pleased to find that I had quite a few in my button bag. I have 2 of the Venetian Hinge Closure (pictured below) I have one in each color, chocolate brown and aubergine.

IMG_3964I also have the Florentine Hinge Leather closure, which was a part of a kit that I purchased at Rhinebeck last year. So yea, I truly love these things they are so versatile and down right stylish AND they have a few options to choose from, BONUS!



Where can you get them? Well online naturally, but I have seen them in quite a few local yarn stores as well as at Vogue knitting Live and Stitches events. So keep and eye out, I am sure you find them on the ground. The price ranges from $6.50 to $31.00.


Knit on my fiber friends…knit on