Today I came across a post that talk about knitting slow and preparing for big projects and it got me to thinking. There are so many projects I avoid, because well, it would take too long to complete. I like it quick and dirty, give me chunky yarn and big needles all day. A quickie has it’s place, but then I thought about how good it feels to sip a nice cup of tea, or to make love vs. having sex. LOL I know that’s reaching, but actually for me, it’s not.  When I create, with my hands, in my opinion I am absolutely make love with the materials.



Look at that ^^^ ain’t it sexy? It is right? I have to learn to slow down and enjoy the knit instead of barreling through like someone who doesn’t appreciate every knit, every purl and every yarn-over. I behave as if  knitting is the side chic and not my main love. If I really give this some thought, I am cheating when I rush through my projects. I truly enjoy knitting, the softness of the yarn and the rhythm of the needles. I mean the sound actually relaxes me, so why do I rush? It’s time I slowed down and allow the pleasure the build. I mean I sleep with my yarn so….I must take it easy and enjoy the knitting.

Are you a fast knitter or do you like it nice and easy?

Knit on my fiber friends..knit on