Have you ever seen something, anything that you have seen many times before, but this one time, it made your mouth drop open? Then you stop to think what it was that stopped you dead in your tracks, because that car, hat, shoe, sofa isn’t new, but in THAT color? You say to yourself, you gotta have it? *shaking my head yes* you know what I mean, the right color will change your mind.

Now I can go deep with you in relation to color, because coming up in the 70’s and being dark skinned, there were just certain colors that I was told to stay away from. HA! baby if they could see me now…anyway today I had the honor of attending the ColorPlay class with Stephen West and StevenBe at the Do Ewe Knit? Yarn store in Westfield NJ. My Shelbey paid for the class for me, how awesome is that?  I love that kid.

It was an intimate group of like 12 ladies maybe and we started at 10 and ended at 1pm. The guys would take turns filling our heads with knowledge.

IMG_3758Today I learned to focus on coordination vs matching. Mr West said “more is more and less is a bore!” As is evident with his sweater and shawls.  Today’s class gave me the confidence to try different colors together and to even use that color I never loved. I am no longer afraid to combine variegated yarn with solids, or self striping with variegated. So what it’s not the same weight, who cares..throw it in there! I learned to create that ombre look by holding strands together…and the under lying theme of “to hell with the rules” was ever present and I love it! Mr Be said you have to have your 3 emergency yarns in your project bag as follows:

1. a pop of color that you can add if you get bored

2. glitter of course

3. and texture such as mohair

That is another major takeaway for me, combining fibers, hold on let me  open this window and throw all the rules OUT and just KNIT!!


It was another day of learning, swatching, and fun! I love how StevenBe was like “weave in ends? HA! I make tassels or pompoms or add feathers” you know he was talking to me, because I HATE weaving in ends. LOL!

During break time we mingled, took pics and like StevenBe said it’s a work “shop” so let’s shop! LOL! I was a good girl, just very happy to be there and soak up all the knowledge and enthusiasm.  Below I am modeling StevenBe’s Figichini…ya’ll see it’s made with super bulky yarn right? So you know I am going to make that right? Ok good


Of course Mr West had to autograph my shirt! hahahahaha they just exude fun and positive energy. I adore them. IMG_3773Tomorrow’s class is top down shawls and I am going to take my Burly Spun with me and see what we can do with that..I am excited!!


We also learned about using slipped stitches with color and how that will change the look of a project. I feel like I have been set on fire…there is so much I want to try.

How was your day?

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on