According to Google  a trunk show is an event in which vendors present merchandise directly to store personnel or customers at a retail location or another venue such as a hotel room, in this case it was a yarn store. Do Ewe Knit? in Westfield NJ to be exact. The venue was set to inspire us with designs from Stephen West and StevenBe. I couldn’t wait!

I am a trunk show virgin and didn’t have any expectations. I had my camera and my sidekick (my daughter) so I was ready, bring it on fellas.  Shelbey and I arrived to the store filled with sample knits from Steven & Stephen and folks were already going through the racks..touching, feeling, fondling all the goodies. The explosion of colors and textures made me dizzy, I did’t know what to look at first. Then I spotted her, the Glam Lamb by WESTKNITS , and had my daughter try it on immediately. 2015-02-08 17.59.09 2015-02-08 17.59.14

I so have to make this, MY goodness, how could I not? I mean I got to talk to the designer about it, so I must!! Anyway, they arrive and the fun begins. StevenBe starts and instantly inspires with his  “to hell with the rules” philosophy, just knit. Knit with different types of yarn, different weights, different textures, just knit. He calls it being a Yes knitter and I am here for it! He said don’t rip it out, keep going, repeat it, make it a design element, just don’t go back. He even said sometimes you can change to a different needle if you must but just keep going. Just knit! Love it!


Mr West then talked colors and his thought is use em all! They don’t have to match, just colorful. What I took away was don’t be afraid to experiment. Try using a strand of sparkle yarn or mohair with a bulky and see how that works. I also loved all the designs that had multiple uses in reference to how you wear them. The two of them are pure energy and inspiration. I am so very happy I attended.

They had yarns that were custom dyed just for them. The one skein was called “bitch stole my look” Lmaoooooo you read it right! And that CHUNKY love down there…yes GOD I had a good time!

                       2015-02-08 18.22.08IMG_3734 20150208_195522_Richtone(HDR)

Everyone had a blast, they had kits put together for particular projects, you just had to put your colors together. They had project bags, yes I got one. What? I know I said this is a safe environment, no judging zone, remember? They have a tour book that has some of the more popular patterns included, Woot woot! I have to get my book and my bag autographed. You see what I mean? It was a grand time. Did I say they had wine and cheese? Yup I was happy. LOL

I think the part the sticks with me is how nice everyone was. I felt at home. Karen is a great hostess. Here are some more pics, Mr West was kind enough to take pics with me and Shelbey. Fun times!!

IMG_3752 IMG_3755 IMG_3750 IMG_3740


Here is the link to the tour so you can see if they are coming to a yarn store near you. They are even having a cruise to Bermuda in May…I would love to do that…MY GOD!! Oh and I read they will be at Stitches West so west coast you have a chance to meet them.

knit on my fiber friends…knit on