I had all intentions of doing a TBT (throwback Thursday) but Thursday threw me around like long lost Ragedy Ann doll. So Flashback Friday it is,okay?

I joined a photo a day challenge on Instagram. Wait you don’t know what that is? Well there is a calendar where each day you are told what to photo to post and Thursday was to be a throwback project. I selected the Knit Ridged Cowl which I completed in January 2012. Wow, I didn’t realize it was that long ago. This is a lion brand pattern, that surprisingly only has 84 projects. It’s super simple and the end result is FAB! Do you ever look back at your projects and remember the apprehension, the fear, or the doubt? I do and I want to slap myself for not having faith in me. This pattern sat in my queue for quit some time, before I was confident enough to give it a try. I hate that I avoided knitting for so long, no worries, though..I think I got this thing now! *giggling*


This was my first fancy cowl AND the first time I used yarn from an actual yarn store. I purchased the yarn online from Loop in Philadelphia. I absolutely love their yarn selection. Prior to this I thought everyone purchased yarn from Michaels, AC Moore or Walmart. HA, I clearly missed that boat. I guess, if I give it some thought, this is where my problem began…THAT is a totally different post. Let’s talk about this cowl and the lovely discontinued yarn ;/ why do they do that? Did they ask me? I would have told them this yarn is necessary. UGH Whenever I wear this cowl someone always says something ridiculous like “can I have it?” Who says that and means it? My answer, always the same, NOPE! hahahaahahahahahahaaa and I get tickled at the look on their faces because they didn’t expect that response.

This yarn is 100% aran weight wool, that gives you a little bit of every color in the rainbow and I love it!! It is called Sheep 1 Yarn and did I say it’s discontinued? I would love to know who didn’t put the meeting on my calendar when this was discussed. *mumbling* they have a lot of nerve




IMG_1864I should have named the cowl pot luck because you never knew which color you would get or how many stitches it would last. I almost slowed down my pace, when I got to a color I really loved. This is when I discovered the opposite impact of knitting in the round. When you knit every row in the round you get stockinette stitch. Wait, WHAT?!! Way to confuse an already unsure knitter. LOL! But that didn’t stop me, thank goodness.


Do you flashback to projects of old? Or to a time before you had hair. LOL!

Knit on my fiber friends…knit on